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The month before

12 Mar

We’re going to pick this diary, I mean blog, up with Valentine’s Day perfection.  Rachel cooked fish and Collin and I rediscovered the BEST Blue Apron, although the highlight was a vegan mousse (made with avocado).  Dinner was followed by comedy at The Lamp, aka the coolest spot in Greensburg.


A favorite for a reason.



The girls are back in town


Later, I got lost at Arcade on my way to a special green room invite.


February 15th
Hanna’s birthday party, with left over pizza and lots of clapping.


Birthday girl and co.


February 16th
Happy birthday, dad!
Home cooked dinner in FL with, once again, the best Blue Apron.
THIS was the day that
Collin got the wifi password at my parents house. #milestone


February 17th
Happy official birthday, Hanna!
Yoga and pickle ball! We found our couples sport. A basket in the hoop! Swish.
Lunch at Wegmans with the fam 😍


Stay at home dates are the best type of dates (post-traveling, pre-quarentine)


February 18th
Happy birthday, mom!
Out to eat at Yuzu for ramen with Emily and Laura, plus, gifted a Taylor Swift t-shirt! Giggles during impressions of Smellenour.


February 20th,
And now, my working life begins (So I thought.)


February 21st
If you need me, I’ll be at work

Things I’m grateful for tonight:
This bed. Breathing through both of my nostrils.  My clean body. These clean sheets.  My favorite pajamas and my favorite sleeping socks.


February 22nd
191 days until move in Bae.
I’m sore from the gym.  Advil helped!
I finished a blog and Nate was at work 🙂



A perfectly cooked, microwaved meal.


February 23rd
Nailing the ratio: TOTALLY THE BEST


The most amazing day off, spent with Joe and Trisha


Geocaching.  One we found, one we didn’t. And I ended the night laughing until I cried.


February 24th
My most lucrative day at work in 4 years. And it was in February, go figure.


My best friends are hanging out right now ♥️ #MolAndCol #colly



February 25th
A day in court with full family support. Lunch at delicious Cafe Brugge.
A well-deserved night off. A 3 hour phone call with Bel 😍
And, the Love is Blind addiction continues.



February 26th
Final Ethiopia blog gets posted!


Things I’m grateful for:
Brian was at work!!! Thank goodness.
I’m sore from the gym.
The ability to leave work early.


February 28th


Welcome (back) to America!

With Emily, Laura, and Chris, Atria’s has the best happy hour.
I f
ollowed the amazing driver — aka, wee Emily — to Laura’s house using only right turns.  Nick Lackey started out our music playlist (I do, I do, I do) before being joined by Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift. I’ll never forget the Pretty Girl Rock, where sweetheart Em knew every word and every move ❤

These blueberry cookies:  “They are breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” – Laura


February 29th
Leap year!

Birthday Brittny

An outdoor h
ot tub! That cool, cellophane bathroom. And, I met their human skeleton.  (Still less than one year since Collin and I started dating.)


March 1st
I started my taxes.  (Which I love.)


March 2nd
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! (Or should I say, “Happy Cookie-versry!”)


“This is without a doubt the best cookie I have ever had” – Collin Chamberlin


March 4th
Rebekah, life coach “to do anything amazing in life you need a butt load of energy!”


March 6th
Friday. It’s been too long, I need to see Collin.
Also, what’s going to happen with this virus?!


March 7th
A ten hour drive to New York City. Almost immediately, I got to laugh
until I cried.


March 8th
Bagels for breakfast and then a Locke and Key binge. We watched all of season 1 that weekend.  Plus, house hunting in Sunnyside!  Followed by delicious tacos at a restaurant and a
lmond-milk ice cream at the Stud-flat.


March 9th
The sweetest morning snuggles.  I threw myself off of the bed for a sneeze.  We visited Roosevelt Island where I d
idn’t share any hugs with Katie instead, we took headshots by the lighthouse and went geocaching for a multi-cache…but were 38 miles off (read: unsuccessful).


Physically separating, incar-light.


March 10th
Back to the ‘burgh.
Colleen was the first to register for the furries! 🙂


March 12th
Allegheny City Brewery.  Was this to be my last hang with Emily and Laura for a while??


March 13th
Happy 39th wedding anniversary, m & d!
A HUGE grocery store shopping trip and…
The day Collin had his exodus from New York City.


Sparkle sparkle,