Another Month in Quarantine

14 May

I have an acute awareness that it’s going to be hard to readjust to life outside of quarantine.  I anticipate going through quarantine withdrawal.  So, I’ve been obsessed with chronicling the experience.  (Which is absolutely worthless, in terms of function.)
And yet, here we are.  The truth is, I am self-isolating with a funny, happy, loving, professional comedian. And, I get to laugh all the time. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

My quarantine calendar:

April 14th
First thing’s first, I filed for unemployment. (Spoilers, I got rejected.)
– Welcome back, for one week only, Blue Apron


The only thing I like better than taking pictures of food, is eating.


April 15th


On our walk we thought caliper was a tree because it was written on tree markers. It is a not.  It is a tool for measuring.

– Beans & greens for brekkie. Banana bread with chocolate chips for dessert.
– “Plant emergency!”


Our very first SUSH show! I practiced.



April 16th

Fine View fitness trail. 

“Who’s pig do we have to slaughter to get invited to your party?” – Schitt’s Creek


April 17th
– On our morning walk, haunting screams coming from the 6th street bridge.
– Hamburger helper on steroids, a new Blue Apron favorite.


– Trader Joe’s, Aldi, and Giant Eagle.
– My bestie, Emily, to the rescue by the aviary, with a Heineken.
– Collin made 59 cookies.


A cookie making factory.

April 21st




4/22 is 4/20, too
– The best breakfast I’ve ever had. Sunny side up eggs, yummy bread cooked in bacon fat, ripe avocados, sliced tomatoes, all eaten with my hands, full on messy.
– Mimosas, sub tequila
– A Patrick phone hang 🙂



Look at this TALENT


April 23rd
– A perfect day. Again with that breakfast!
– Chicken tortilla soup for lunch.  Mmmm.
– A Molly hang, with notes. At 26 minutes I looked at my timer: MAY DAY.  This was the day before Molly was going to have arrived in Pittsburgh. Lesson one: Do this again. 
April 24th
– Yoga in the morning


Homemade eggplant parmigiana and incredible salad.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME


– An Emily FaceTime with hours worth of culled clothes.


April 25th
– Aunt Marjean received half the envelope with no pop tabs.  5 days later, we received the other half.
– Hello Bistro.


April 26th
– Arugula pizza and mint ice cream.  Because? It’s Sunday.
– The last episode of UnOrthodox
– The funnest painting project!




– A family Zoom, washing the couch cushions, and a book to edit.


April 27th
– Anthrocon is officially canceled.



April 28th
– Too Hot to Handle; including stalking cast members & texts with Emily to fuel the fire.

April 29th
– HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BELLA! It’s a great day for a great day 🙂
– Didn’t get through once but…called the unemployment office 872 times.
– SUSH birthday edition, featuring The Brulee of Hellie.



A social distancing porch hang with Emily on Bella’s birthday ❤


May 1st
– UCB ASSSSCAT. They’re on Zoom and we’re on Zoom and now I’ve left Zoom.


May 3rd
Trash AND recycling night (again?! Where does the time go?)


May 4th
– The computer AND my stimulus check arrived; oh glorious day.
– Played catch outside on a wonderful, long walk.


May 5th
– Sammi day 🙂  Plants galore, a perfect Thai lunch special, Gigi’s cupcakes, and at night, a show of my choosing: Inside Number 9.


May 6th
– Scrappy, sadly, lost a freezer.
– Emily’s friendship, I acquired my first “new clothes” since this all began.


SUSH: Pre show hang!



SUSH: Post show hang!


May 8th
– Market District Giant Eagle shopping trip.
– A surprise present, a quarantine knife!
– Homemade schmaltz to go into that homemade, matzo ball soup.
Molly asked me to be her MOH!!!!


May 10th
– Mother’s Day
– Nate let me drive his BMW

May 12th
– Cried about not being able to buy a cheap plane ticket to Norway this year.


May 13th
– An out of body experience. Napped for two hours. Woke up to more matzo balls.
– Texting on Instagram with a plant doctor



May 14th
– I’ve never seen so many matzo balls together for me to enjoy; so special; so beautiful.



All the glory.

– Findley Lake hang with omg that steak dinner.
– Family game night 🙂 Are you having fun? “A moderate amount” – dad


Happy too,

One Response to “Another Month in Quarantine”

  1. LDickey May 28, 2020 at 1:51 pm #

    Oh, Sammi. Wishing we were just around the corner to take advantage of a visit! XXOO

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