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FOUR-antine (fourth month in quarantine)

14 Jul

In the US, this pandemic is being (SO) mishandled. It’s embarrassing, sad, detrimental, and fatal.  Here’s a link to an article from the Atlantic which does a better job summarizing what’s going on from another country’s perspective (it’s France).
Anyway, in my world…I’ve just continued to keep careful notes on my day to day life.  “The unexamined life is not worth living”… but is taking notes on everything I do examining it?  Will I be doing this forever?  I don’t know.  It feels like it. This past month has seen me spending lots of time outdoors with friends. And inside, with Collin and Molly (on zoom).


June 15th
I got outside with:


The hottest girl on the back of my scooter ❤


Things were looking up, Brittny came over! We scooted all around town, Ricky came to meet us, and THEN we ATE IN A PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT FOR OUR FIRST TIME IN OVER 3 MONTHS!  Thai food. WOW, WAS THAT FUN! They told us we had “one hour to eat the food” and Collin loved the limitations. I took awhile to order (I couldn’t help it, the choices were overwhelmingly delicious) and, with a couple of minutes left, Col insisted on Mango sticky rice for dessert (he was right). Thank you again for spoiling us, Ricky!! Love you guys!


June 16th
Collin’s first haircut in 5 months.  We scooted all the way to Oakland (and back).  I chilled by the pond, watched people, and caught a frog with a tail; it was SUCH a great day.  My darling boyfriend met me with a refreshing Dunkin’ coffee before we secured some Mediterranean DELICIOUSNESS and had a park picnic that I definitely want to repeat. So much outdoor happiness before…a Molly hang! Our FaceTime chat was a luxurious spa day for our insides; “like a full body soak treatment”.


Forever best friends.


June 17th
Today, I finished Tonya’s book about Guatemala 🙂 I can’t wait to read it again.
Col and I also finished season 5 of Schitt’s Creek and I cashed in on a tickle massage, I’ll never bet anything else.


June 18th


Pandemic legacy (season one). A binge worthy game, to say the least.


June 19th AKA Juneteenth
Nap day for me also, related, a day Collin got so much done.
And then? Green Forest Churrascaria double date with Rachel, Roman, a fiddle leaf fig, and all the meat before 1. They shut down and 2. I become (mostly) vegetarian. This was followed by after dinner drinks at the perfect-for-us (until the end) Dukes.


Full bellies, fuller hearts.


June 20th
Pandemic Legacy is INTENSE!   😂 WE WON (February) AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN THAT COLLIN SUGGESTED WE PLAY AGAIN, UNPRECEDENTED!  In the afternoon, we went to Dad John’s, and then a porch hang with Nick and Doug. At the end of the night I found 8 guitar picks in the washing machine solving the mystery: “Where did the guitar picks go?”


June 21st
Happy Father’s Day!
A nice scooter ride to Father’s Day brunch with Dad John.  And then a bit of a hang with Collin.  I love the day after — with him, it’s so enjoyable. Before we drove to FL and had a mountain of spaghetti casserole with double cheese, and the four of us ate the whole. dang. thing. YUM! No wonder it’s what my dad requested for Father’s Day. Followed by an entire angel food cake. Yay! Father’s Day is fantastic! We relaxed by the fire as day turned into night.


I got the inaugural dock jump off of my parents new dock. And, said goodbye to 32.



The first time these kayaks went onto FL lake.


June 22nd
Celebrating my last day as a 32 year old with yoga / watching my dad’s new watermelon slicer in action.  M&D gave me a thoughtful car and present (333, 3 hearts as one). On the way home, Col and I stopped for all you can eat chips and salsa.  Back in Pittsburgh, I had my first ever scooter ride with music. And the BEST workout session with Molly, Michelle and Hannah. I was so happy to meet THE Hannah and have a hang.   At midnight, I talked to Helen: “Good night! It’s our birthday! We are 33!”


June 23rd
I woke up to a gift from Molly: Sore on my birthday! Col had planned a surprise camping trip — blog soon — but, no one wants to go camping in the rain …so, we took a rain-check (hehe).  Col said my birthday wasn’t over until I cashed in on all of my gifts and now I’d like to thank you rain the rain for extending my birthday!  That morning, my doting, thoughtful, helpful, sexy boyfriend cooked me the absolute best birthday breakfast I could imagine and played my favorite game (Thank you Bel and VB!). No matter that we lost, it felt like I had won.  For dessert, there was a cookie cake with extra, extra pink frosting.  And at night, another game, Monopoly, Cheaters edition, and the best part was, when I woke up…Collin, true to his word, said it was still my birthday ❤


Happy birthday to me from Collin’s plate of food (which always, for some reason, looks better.)


June 24th
Veggies and cookie cake for breakfast.  Collin did my hair (thank you), we watched the Garth Brooks documentary (which I do not recommend, sorry), and then played ANOTHER round of Pandemic Legacy! Before a BLM protest and Nate at Condado.  When we got home, there was a surprise scooter visit by Emily and Alex! And then a SUPER surprise visit from Katie, Evan, a furry card, and multiple cookies. Like I told you, my birthday wasn’t over.


June 25th


“Let’s meet at 8AM, downstairs, for scooter rides!”



June 26th


It must be Friday: Lunch time with Emily 🙂

Molly’s birthday package got “lost” in the mail 😭  But, I did get to Facetime with her, Emily, Alex, and the scooter parked in the grass (scandalous). We squirted bottles into our mouths and enjoyed lunch. That evening, at Johnny Angels, doowop music, heels (never again), and the Widows club vibe.  Those women certainly know how to lean in to fun and play! (Note to self:  Attention was a by product for them but who cares because they were literally having the most fun in the outdoor room plus helping everyone else around them have fun, too.)


Johnny Angel, how we love him.



June 27th


We bought our first car together! Help Me, Rhonda…the Honda!



And, FaceTimed my parents to share the good news….before indulging in celebratory, nostalgic Pizza Hut.


June 27th was quite a day because…it was also the day Ariann and Senneca got married!
We pre-gamed at the Galleria Mall before attending a very intimate reception where I made a new friend, Korianne. Here are some moments: You can make anything decaf, just blanche it. I should be saving the wax from candles.  Reuse coffee: 200 degrees, crispy, 20 minutes. My memory works best visually.  Desperanza is a website to buy cheap flights to South America. Books can be sent via US mail for close to free. “We’re talking about the Ukrainian President” because, well, we were.



Sharing a mileStone with Mr. and Ms. Stone.


All night long, Collin made me feel like his favorite person whenever I came near ❤


June 28th
I woke up singing the opening number for Pockets. At 9:15am Emily came to hang and clean up the park with Gay for Good. Emily: “I can’t stress enough how this was a volunteer position.”


Great people ❤


Afterwords, it was SO nice to look out the window at the park and know that it was cleaner.  Followed by….THE most delicious breakfast. And, Collin gave me THREE pieces 🙂  What did I do to deserve him?! *SWOON.
In the afternoon, I cleared my head on a scooter ride, fun! And picked up Allison…who showed me a special spot where Chicken of the Woods was hidden in River View park.  Then, I scooted to Dad John’s where we celebrated Pap’s 90th birthday with amazing tacos. At night, I said farewell to Helen’s roof, discussed learning how to park and how new things are scary (Helen’s an inspiration!). We also brainstormed colors for rHonda. “What color is cool and cute?”  “Light blue. Like on the Argentinian flag.  You’d know it if you saw it.” – Bel.


June 29th
“I’m always happy to have you in the kitchen with me.” – Collin
Would you believe…My favorite breakfast AGAIN!  And, no correlation to breakfast, nap day.  “We” also used those poppy seeds for the first time, thank you, Molly.  “We” put poppy seeds in our homemade salad dressing that “we” definitely both made.  Molly really nailed my birthday presents this year, despite being lost in the mail the first time.  I love the satin and I LOVE THAT WE MATCH! And, not to mention…Monday night workout(s)! Thank you!!  Plus, the hang after.  “The only place Covid isn’t getting better is in the numbers.” – Molly, spittin’ truth bombs out of “violently liberal” California.  That night, I turned the shower on and off 3 times before I remembered to wash behind my ears.

Screw what the calendar says; My birthday’s when we say it is. BLOG post, coming soon.

July 3rd
It was a hot, hot, HOT day.
Regression: My job was going to close for one week. (Spoiler: it’s July 26th and things are still, rightly, closed).  Anyway, it was Helen and Victoria’s new house move in day! A FaceTime!  I can’t wait to visit!! 🙂  I also scooted with Emily, she touted me on the back and we ate Chinese food for lunch.  Followed by an extra long scooter ride to McKees Rocks where I got to scoot with Momma Candy 💕Afterwords, we headed to Doug’s bonfire party co-hosted by Andrew, who cooks the best Beyond burgers and was super prepared with a mask and an up to date Covid test (aka the new STD test).  I’m (happily) more vegetarian than ever, thanks to BLM and Helen’s (albeit delayed) influence.  And, even tho it wasn’t until after midnight when the weather was finally cool enough to enjoy the fire, we all had a good time. As I fell asleep, Collin smelled great, like an outdoor cookout for the 4th night in a row.


July 4th
Fourth of July and a really fun road trip. Including, the memorable Zack’s farm to table restaurant…where masks weren’t required in defiance of the law. *Smacks face. They played the movie The Patriot.  “I would come to a restaurant every day if they played Netflix” – Collin.
We then drove to a cabin in the woods were we got to see….


The newly engaged Rachel on THE DAY SHE GOT ENGAGED!


It was an absolute pleasure to see her, and watch the video of Roman getting on one knee.  CONGRATULATIONS!!  We headed on their friends boat where Col told us, while getting soaked, that “a lot of people done know this, the front of the boat is actually quite moist” and assured us that he “was so happy to be keeping the windshield dry” while the rest of us erupted with laughter.

My boyfriend and I road-tripped the rest of the way to FL, I gave directions, and we made it there just fine.  After eating classic chicken from the fire hall we followed it up with ice cream from a food truck.  It was a great hang with my parents plus snuggles from the kittens, pre-fireworks…and we got to watch from their dock.  The gorgeous, long, firework show was bought right to us.


Keeping my seat warm.



July 5th


Morning, kayak.



Chipotle and milkshakes on the way home. A family Zoom. Starting our 4th game of Pandemic Legacy in one day!  At night, scary fireworks (or were they gunshots?) outside.


My heart, my joy, my HOME.


July 6th


Telling the charcuterie board to “Say cheese!”


WILL TODAY BE THE LAST AND FINAL GAME OF PANDEMIC SEASON ONE?!! (haha, no.  We plan on loosing this game so that we can set ourselves up for an alley hoop during the last game.  AW, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, really trying to milk it.)
Today, I ordered new sunglasses, thanks M&D! And, had a Molly hang: We re-lived our Bandera, Texas days adding new realizations: “I’m red white and this is my friend Blue.”  (we even dressed like it). Hot mich ultra = a beer latte. “This makes me want a nice, frothy, hot beer”.  While reading we drank Victory beer (which UNBELIEVABLY we BOTH had) while re-reading about our “victory lap” as in: “We felt like we were doing a victory lap (with lots of slow claps) on the way from Bandera driving back to Austin.”.
Some other gems:  “If that’s true I’m gunna be embarrassed / And it is true and I am embarrassed” – Molly
The specialist moments are with your closest friends, I’m talking to you Blue.


July 7th
Welp, it happened.  Collin and I finished playing Pandemic. We did an alright job at saving the world but we had the best time ever! “Congratulations and my condolences on finishing pandemic” – Katie.  That night I watched TV, including Michelle Obama, Becoming.


July 8th
Today, I found out that my bar will close for two more weeks (at least).


Love, all.


After tennis, we went out for my first sushi during quarantine, with Angie. Thanks for the treat, Col!  Followed by Dairy Queen.  With our bellies full of sushi and cream, we headed back home where I had a fantastic chat with Patrick and binge watched The Big Flower Fight.


July 9th
My final spin in Mouse (or so I thought)…
Katie’s sweet thoughts re: My car being sold: “My wildest dream is that it will be sold to someone who is neighbors with Helen’s car so they can bop around and park next to each other once again in a beautiful reunion!”
Klavon’s ice cream for the first time. And, the season finale of Dead to Me. Followed by… a Molly hang!: Tiramisu has a smokey taste and flavor.  Would you ever choose that if there was anything else?  Does he like whisky? | Personally, I like the messiness of headphone wire because it helps me find them.  | My friend and I invite you to understand the inner working of a telephone which we do not and will never understand. | Samers, makes me think of Uncle Billy. | rHonda. | Giving blood is a mitzvah it’s the dictionary definition \ the dic def. | Ex: the dick def of compatible: Molly’s cold and wants to warm her reptile hands on my warm body.
“I wonder what me thinks about that.  Let me ask me.” ❤ ❤ ❤


July 10th
Happy birthday (party) to Emily!!!
First to arrive and last to leave, “the only thing fashionable thing about me is my outfit!”  We had an outdoor hang before the weather started to turn…


“I love twisters.” – Em
“It’s going to blow over.”  – Julie


Reminder to self: When it’s my turn to wash the car…put soap on the roof before it rains. It was a SUPER fun night, with fantastic food, great people, and I love celebrating all things Emily! ❤


July 11th
The morning after the night before is one of my absolutely favorite days with Collin.
THIS ONE included Thai food delivered with some iced coffee that saved my life.  What a gift! Of course, I binge watched TV and didn’t leave the house The Big Flower Fight and Somebody Feed Phil.  Watching the travel shows I PINED for travel. I hadn’t done that before, deeply MISS traveling, adventure, packing each day, new people, and saying YES.  Today, I felt like I really wanted to travel again.  I re-read some blogs. The one I linked is about Morocco.


July 12th


“Happy birthday, Emily!” – GaTa

We drove to Ohio to meet the famous Uncle Matt and Aunt Jenny!  Then, went through a drive through food fair at the Camden fair ground.  Super Vogue.  We met up, in our cars, got everyone’s order, and all came out the other side for a good, ol’ fashion birthday picnic.  It was delicious. The best blooming onion I have ever had.  Due to Covid, we didn’t get sausage fed to us but…we did bond with Emily’s family.  And I gained a new Aunt and Uncle!  At night, it was my own family zoom and the fantastic “Expecting Amy”, which I HIGHLY recommend. It was INCREDIBLE watching her open up, she’s so tough, strong, relatable, funny, and articulate.


July 13th
A chat with Rebekah, she’s so helpful!
We then headed to the Central Blood Bank to donate blood. (Reminder to the team: Next time we can donate is September 7th).


A life-giving afternoon.


For lunch, we ate Hello Bistro by the fountain (until we had to move.) And then, sigh, my darling, precious Mouse drove up Canton Ave, the steepest street in the entire USA, as a final hurrah before I sold her.  I wanted to use her clutch for all it was worth.


Selfie with my favorite car.


Except, PLOT TWIST, at the last minute I pulled an audible…and went from selling Mouse to….KEEPING MOUSE!!!! I felt like I had just gotten a new car!  I’M KEEPING MOUSE! (for now!) “We choose joy!” – Collin said. AND HE’S RIGHT!!  That evening I had a workout + hang with the girls 🙂  Molly and I appreciated quarantine for improving our long-distance relationship.


July 14th
It was a homey morning: Cleaning out the fridge, organizing the cabinets, Collin, my amazing boyfriend (you’ve heard of him) did my hair AND the laundry.  He’s a saint. Our afternoon involved the cutest picnic-in-the-car date, sushi Tomo (YUMMY), home-made dates on crackers (dates on a date!), and an important parallel parking lesson. Our evening consisted of going to out sea and listening to music that you might find on a cruise ship:



Taking the scenic route.



This pandemic has reiterated, over and over, friendship matters.
Red, white and,


PS: Victoria (via Helen) introduced me to the 1 Sec Everyday App! I’ve been really liking it. Here’s a link to what my past month looked like, condensed to 60 seconds.