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The Eskimos had 52 names for snow — There ought to be that many for baseball.

23 Mar

If you didn’t know, it’s professional baseball season! Yesterday was Kickoff.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Why was baseballs opener — The LA Dodgers vs. The Arizona Dimondbacks, both unarguably American — played in Sydney, Australia?? That’s a question I can’t answer because I don’t look gift horses in the mouth.

I do, however, find out where gift horses sleep at night.

In Europe they call this harassment

in Europe they call this harassment

The Four Seasons hotel.
I’ve gone on several occasions, pestering tight-lipped staff while keeping my ears open for American accents. And sure, I haven’t meet one single person associated with the MLB but they don’t leave town until tomorrow #hope


Game day.
I arrived AS SOON AS THE GATES OPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are photos in a very particular order:

Happy Brewers Fan.


I didn't tell him how long it's been since they've won.

I didn’t tell him how long it’s been since they’ve won.

just kidding

I’m not kidding

start 'em young

okay, I was

There was a slight delay due to rain but it hardly mattered.

They sang the Australian national anthem AND the Star Spangled Banner

Singing the National Anthem(s)

The energy vibrated out of the stadium, the crowd was easily excitable, and the food was expensive and fattening. It practically felt like home and I loved every second of it.

with dignity, pride, and the American way,

PS. Dodgers, 3 — Diamondbacks, 1

PPS. yeah, Molly, that’s your jacket :/