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31 Dec

Welcome 2016, the year of the Roaring 20’s.

I have something to tell you that you’re probably going to like.image
During my first trip to the Deep South (Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkadelphia) I got high off of helping others, learned what to do in a flash flood (Don’t drown. Turn around. Go see your mom.), enjoyed the hospitality of Michelle, Ms. Greger, and co., joked hysterically and endlessly with Russ, told a religious joke I had gaged as appropriate but ended up it wasn’t, a car was named after me! #7shortyears #SammiUV, culled a meowton of clothes, saw a double rainbow


Hungout with this Christmas Ham


Finally met Lydia ūüėĄ

And laughed until I cried in a house with 17,000 clocks.

I hope we have plans right now because I feel amazing.
RIP task,


29 Dec

As an American, I can’t claim wanderlust as a unique characteristic. Lots of us living in the “land of free” take advantage of our privilege to roam. But in my 28-and-a-half years, I have learned about myself that I want to live out my freedom, experience my youth, for as many hours a day, as many days a year, as I possibly can. I actively choose not to live 9 to 5. I don’t believe in waiting to do what I love in the present on the bet that I can afford the time to buy it in the future. I won’t sit close to home waiting to travel — until my eyes are too dim to catch the beauty of the landscape, smalling up in a jitney cab becomes unthinkable, or my knees yell out if I try to hike a mountain.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m about to leave the country again. I came back to United States soil to be closer to my parents — which has been a dream — and now I’m taking a quick break, a couple of months to spread my wings. I spent this time in the U.S. saving up to buy a one-way ticket to Portugal — and now that this blog is caught up, I am hoping to post in real-time. (I’ve been really wanting to start calling you readers “fireside travelers” but “global warming” is making that impossible.)


supportive, creative, thoughtful parents


“Gratitude naturally raises our energy levels to the highest vibration possible which allows the universe to provide abundance.” According to that sentence I just made up, I’m off to absorb more gifts from the universe. I am so grateful for my health, my freedom, that cement puppy Ricky, a generous job that I love, appreciation for this country, and a heightened awareness for opportunity, struggle, and storage space.

Right now is the youngest we’ll ever be.
With gusto,
(Who’s Gusto? And is he helping pay?)

P.S. I’m changing my relationship status to “men seeking US citizenship.”
P.P.S. Just kidding, ladies.




So much Funakkah

22 Dec

This is how we Jew.

My non-demonimational household got together on both the first and last night of Hanukkah to celebrate! Turns out I live with dreidel hustlers; all change was worth the same amount but Jen made sure, as she played, she only had silver coins. #fastlearner #couldhavefooledme


How us sporty types roll.

The basketball dreidel threw down all the gimels, the football dreidel was¬†hard to see, and the baseball dreidel handed out the shin (shin put one in!), so much for America’s past time. ¬†We gave out stingy loans to one another as our cash depleted and the candles burned low. We played for hours and¬†discussed¬†the merits of a reverse spin, glass vs. wood, and the possibility of a weighted dreidel. ¬†Helen’s¬†an athlete.
Yinz had me at Shalom,

Officially moved to Pittsburgh

21 Dec

3 monthsIMG_0985.jpg


my room with mom’s¬†help


my sweet ride

Memories you mightn’t understand but are¬†delicious: Bell in that chair, independent codependent women: Do you have a pen? ’cause I have a notebook, Emily, Bo Burnham, Daniel at an Amy Schumer show (!!), Tavern 245, an office party, hiking to Shop and Save, hitching a ride back, Zen, mosh pit “circle” with an instigating frontman, impressed by jury duty (counterfeit case), jazz at Andy’s, not a Thai massage, bull-dog¬†Maddie, Capital Grill, and stalking Sid “for Jodi!”.


OG Patent Pending

I am loving this city, friends, and open-minds. Sorry to miss you, Kat.
With continuity,


Ithaca for Colloween

20 Dec



Chorus crashers, candy finders, party goers, friends for ever.

Love you,

Eh? Canada

19 Dec

Banff, Jasper, Mount Robson, and Glacier National Park


Three is the new two.


Lake Lousie, a Natural Wonder.


Moraine Lake ‚̧



Q: How does a Canadian say “no”?
A: Shrugs up shoulders, “yes?”







Searching for a problem 6 months out; that type of adventure.

IMG_0428.jpgThese pictures are a repost from this¬†Facebook album. I left out the snow vortex, why we headed to Vancouver, Deb, Katie’s glasses, Kamloops, scalping Weird Al tickets in (wasteland) Calgary, squirrels who eat¬†cake on other peoples birthdays, skinny dipping, slam poetry, and the miracle of Sean Whiteman (!).
We’re onto something, see you in 9 months.
‘mi ūüôā

(late) Summer

17 Dec

No photos from Toronto but love me some Warren.

A mention to that special spot in Boulder (a storage unit), congrats to the newly weds!, super fun wedding!!, and HI to our British chaps.


She loved it.


NYC, where I preemptively and fervently jumped on the Murphy train




5 countries!! #chicks #couchsurfingparty

I’ve been visiting friends, seeing comedy, LOLing, and acting restless.
America’s the funniest.

Riddled with Glee

15 Dec

The furries get their own post, obviously.
Here’s one from 2013.
And a different one from 2014.


2015: I’m a cat with a dog tail and Helen’s a Fur-affe.

The furry’s, while a “con”, are the opposite of negative. ¬†Unlike other cons (Comicon, for example), which pay homage to other peoples work, Anthrocon is left to an¬†individuals imagination. ¬†You can’t go wrong as long as you have an animal theme and an open mind.IMG_9055

Russ (!) and Jesse (sight unseen) flew in from out of town and we rented an AirBnB apartment.

9am: Day One: Opening Ceremonies! The American Sign Language Interpre-furs were back and I studied the schedule booklet carefully in order to decide which events we were going to go to (all of them).




The exact same kind of strange ‚̧


“People” watching.


Their own mockumentary.

I went to a lecture called ‘Unleashed’ which was geared toward helping people¬†get in touch with their inner animals. It’s possible to have multiple, rotating fursonas, totem pole-style; some days an alligator, other days a badger. ¬†After the visual meditation, where I stifled laughter and listened to an erratic drum beat, yellow and white butterflies emerged. But after (the Feline Talk, the Wind and Wings Talk, the Rodent Talk, and) the Canine Talk — ¬†which may be one of the best things that has ever happened to me — I came up with this: A Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

All of the dogs stopped what they were doing and gave me their undivided attention when I walked into the room as if they missed me, loved me, and had been waiting for me. ¬†Lauren was right, I’ll talk about this furever.


Self portrait.


“Thanks for coming and for not eating anyone” the head rat said to the owl after the Rodent Talk.

This was the year that¬†we accidentally learned about Bronies, Potatopia, and when I wasn’t fast enough on my feet to say “Yes, I’m Karen.”


A plane ticket away from Whinnyapolis.

Over lunch Jesse said it was just going to “keep getting better”.
I hyperventilated.


And then it did: Katie Diamond. The Chicken. Tears of joy.

Previously unknown to me (us), The San Diego Chicken was this years famous-fur invited to the Con. ¬†He was (apparently) the first official sports mascot. ¬†And now my absolute¬†favourite celebrity.¬†Here’s a link to his promo video.


IMG_9266.jpgIt was¬†an honor to be around such an inspirational, articulate role model. — A¬†downright legend! ¬†He¬†thoroughly¬†impressed us all.


Seeing this in “real”-life makes me pathologically optimistic.

Friends, in solidarity:

Rusty: Franco was with us the entire time and so were you!


As a grown up I am longer an awkward teenager!!!
I can still be awkward but at least I’m not a teenager. ūüėČ

This event is incredible (have I mentioned?!).

Wag, wag, knock-that-cup-off-that-table WAG,

A Backpack Called Home

12 Dec

Rugged pack looking to lay down in cozy Findley Lake, NY




The most beautiful parents in the world.


In the most beautiful house in the world! ¬†My mom’s so talented.


 Sparkly Colleen, a legend!!



Aunt Betsy


Full of Joy (Behar)


Full of cake (from a box).


We “be c’usin trouble” – Nate


Re-match next year


Except for (blank) and (blank) and (blank) and (blank) and (blank) and (blank) and maybe (blank) this was definitley everyone’s favorite part of the weekend.

Love you all, pictured or not,



The Travi’

10 Dec


Reunited and it feels so good,
M, D, and ‘mi