Officially moved to Pittsburgh

21 Dec

3 monthsIMG_0985.jpg


my room with mom’s help


my sweet ride

Memories you mightn’t understand but are delicious: Bell in that chair, independent codependent women: Do you have a pen? ’cause I have a notebook, Emily, Bo Burnham, Daniel at an Amy Schumer show (!!), Tavern 245, an office party, hiking to Shop and Save, hitching a ride back, Zen, mosh pit “circle” with an instigating frontman, impressed by jury duty (counterfeit case), jazz at Andy’s, not a Thai massage, bull-dog Maddie, Capital Grill, and stalking Sid “for Jodi!”.


OG Patent Pending

I am loving this city, friends, and open-minds. Sorry to miss you, Kat.
With continuity,


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