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The ‘burgh

29 Apr

In April, I signed a year-long lease with my best friend, Helen, for the first time since leaving Jamaica over five years ago. It feels darn good to be putting down roots in this historic town.


Pittsburgh, you wee stunner!



Dream flat.



Dream room.



Repotting these dream plants. Including, the cutest plant in the world! (center)


Helen and I decided to throw a moving-in/Helen’s birthday party!!!!!!!!


We stocked up on everything; had Thai food catered from our favorite restaurant, Le Thai Cafe, curated a mojito drink making station with Martin, the fabulous bartender, and I was trash. As in, the trash person.  We learned some huge lessons (Although, really, when aren’t we learning lessons?).  Overall, it was a raging success!



A cupcake cake and family.



Our backyard full of popcorn and friends.



Showing their North Side Pride.


Below are photos & memories from my Spring 2017.

Scrappy gets a freezer!
Homemade Eggs Benedict with healthy avocado sauce.
Arcade Comedy Theater ❤
Kathy Griffin.
Almost Brian Regan.
Watching Helen’s standup rehearsals and shows blossom! Our living room (and her bed room) have perfect spotlights.
Scooter rides on Pinksburgh!! And then A&B bought their own! #lovetheenthusasim



Katie Diamond and Piglet.



Over-the-top and loving every second: Andrew and Brian’s dinner parties, you don’t leave hungry.



Twirly Pearly.



Phipps Conservatory: pretty eyes checking out even prettier orchids.



Improv 201: a scene in a hot tub.



Girls night! Out with Brit.



Besties being weirdos!



Aunt Joan’s birthday in Florida.



Me and Kendra at Benihahahahana.



Epic celebration party in a pool of chocolate pudding!!



Gay pride!



(Not that it’s a competition.)



Watching talented people make hilarious things up on the spot.



Bonding during Berkley’s graduation weekend.



A fantastic photo of a fantastic night.


I love this city, I love my friends, and I love my life.
Long live Spring, 2017.

Back to North AMERICA

14 Apr

I landed in the USA (USA, USA) and all-too-briefly visited Molly in LA and Ben in Berkley.


Incredible brekkie of green matcha tea, oatmeal with cinnamon, and fresh cut mangos.


Ben and I went for a long scooter ride down south, into the Redwood Forest, where we laughed and played outside for several days.


Absolutely incredible.  Those trees are huge!


I then headed to Denver, Colorado where I requested BBQ ribs (yum) and saw Patrick perform on stage with his improv class.  He’s hilarious.  It was a really fun night!  A group of us then took a road-trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado where Patrick and I furthered friendships with the very wonderful Rachel, Abe, Nate, Alex, Dillon, Ravi, and Greg.


Everyone appreciating some very well-made hot toddies, if I do say so myself.



The slopes, where my friends went skiing.



On a walk with Alex, appreciating the scenery.



Great food and great people.  Thank you to everyone!!!


I then headed east and arrived in Ithaca just in time to see Colleen for her birthday!!!!!


Best friends forever.


And I arrived back in snowy Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to pick up Mouse (my adorable car) from Andrew and Brian’s. They housed her and kept her safe while I was away! #saints  We all played a rousing game of What Do You Meme? for Hannah’s birthday.



Welcome home kisses from Pearl.


While traveling, I noticed Pittsburgh International Airport had won airport of the year, 2017!!!!  OUR LITTLE PITTSURGH?!!!!  I won’t ask too many questions but it does seem like maybe, in March, 2017, the competition hadn’t quite shown up yet.  But, then again, it probably would have won even if they had given out the awards in December!  It’s a great airport. #PittsburghPride

I drove to Findley Lake, NY and saw my parents for a memorable pork chop dinner.  They really know how to spoil me. ❤


Green tea everything! Souvenirs from Southeast Asia.


I love going away because I love coming home.
Thankful for it all,