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28 Jul

It’s a short winter in Australia and your favorite vagabond has just gone on a trip to the mountains. Being white and privileged I love skiing, so I used my resources and went to the only place where there is substantial snow in this entire country.

The air here is so fresh here it's easy to accuse nature of being vulgar.

The air here is so fresh here it’s easy to accuse nature of being vulgar.

For three days I slept in my car, woke up every few hours, and dreaded having to go outside to pee. I’d remind you all to feel grateful that the Internet doesn’t (yet) allow me to send scent.

I bathed here, it's heated.

I bathed here, it’s heated.

I had been on a massive road trip and when I arrived I was eager to tackle the slopes; every morning I’d head out my front door before the birds had a chance to brush their teeth. I took lessons, maximising my time in The Snowy Mountains — it was me, the instructor, a few classmates, and gravity, that ol’ scene stealer. The Irish made-up in energy what the rest of us were lacking in finesse. We skied down the mountain at 30mph. Although I could be off by at least 30mph.

And now I’m traveling more, through New South Wales (because the name South Wales was already taken), in my car, listening to the only CD I brought with me. I know all the words, Amber Lawrence, but it be way better if I could carry a tune.
With a look of determination that could serve as the dust-jacket for a

Would you believe that earlier that morning I had gone for a run on the beach?

PS: Special mention to The Newlyweds. And, the most bogan thing I’ve seen in Australia: A full-on ice rink with no zambini, just two dudes, a shovel, and a garbage can.

I wonder what the poor people are doing

20 Jul

Here are a few loose ends that I missed between posts:

I had a birthday!! 27. Thank you all (most) for the well-wishes! I went out with 13 mates to see stand-up comedy. It was hilarious and we made it our Monday night thing. Here are pictures of my amigos:



Angels.  Well, the one on my left is, anyway.

Angels. Well, the one on my right is, anyway.


so much gratitude

Also, The Fourth of July has happened — to celebrate, I sang the national anthem with an Australian. And, I heard this funny one-liner:
Q: Why aren’t there any knock-knock jokes about ‘MERICA?
A: Because freedom rings.

In news news: I drank a glass of wine in the Yaas valley, went golfing, saw a live rugby game where both teams wore green and white (confusing), watched a hologram movie, and made oysters yawn against their will.

In sports news: Australians World Cup team is seriously called The Socceroos.

In other sports news: Australians play all 3 games in a series even if 1 team has already won 2 games. So the final State of The Union was on and for the first time in 9 years New South Wales took home the gold. Some boys I know are very excited.

MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To the love of her life.

I don't think you need your heart checked, it's perfect.

I don’t think you need your heart checked, it’s perfect.

Colleen and Reade.
July 26th, 2014
Ithaca, NY.

Congratulations you guys.

I’ve had the privilege of calling you a friend for nearly a decade and have been thinking of you both obsessively for the past several weeks. You’re in my dreams 🙂 Love to MOM, PAUL, PEGGY, DAIVA, and EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forever ever ever,