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Hey, I moved to New York!

10 Jun

We moved to New York. I haven’t posted in awhile. Let’s get into it.


Col really shines when he’s driving affordable storage units.


Seven hours after this picture was taken (which felt like 3 days in hauling-all-of-your-stuff-across-state-lines time), we made it. Unloading a U-Haul at midnight and sleeping on a mattress on the floor really is what New York City dreams are made of. 



I Spy…disinfectant spray.


I actually loved the entire process of unpacking.  Culling again (and again). Introducing my stuff to Collin’s. Organizing. Seeing how well everything got along. Felt really nice.


The after…voilà!


Look at our cute place! Even in winter, she’s gorgeous.


Helpful tips for living in NYC: Have pizza for dinner regularly. It solves any argument…unless you’re fighting about which pizza to get. So many options! Mine: pineapple, arugula, and hot sauce.



Plants, meet music. Guitar, meet plants.


Chef Collin takes New York! Peep the roasted cauliflower.



My wonderful parents gifted us this multi-purpose dining room table as a moving-in present. We use it for table tennis, baking, writing, and eating.  Look at my opponent drawing me in with that winning smile! Also, check out the intercom. Before this, I hadn’t seen a corded phone since The Baby Sitters club aired on TV and now, I live with one.


From one city known for their bridges to another 🙂


Fun fact (emphasis on the “fun”): we’re neighbors with George Costanza’s parents. Well, the house his parents lived in on the show. If you don’t watch Seinfeld, disregard this information. If you do watch the show, come visit — we’ll take ya! 


Famous neighbors.



Who can focus on that building with this cutie sitting next to me?


It’s been a bit since the move (October), and we’re loving it. Especially, as things are opening back up.

Pittsburgh, you’ve been great, but New York has incredible food, comedy, and so many intramural sports teams, I think we’re staying for a while.

Enjoying every New York minute,