So much Funakkah

22 Dec

This is how we Jew.

My non-demonimational household got together on both the first and last night of Hanukkah to celebrate! Turns out I live with dreidel hustlers; all change was worth the same amount but Jen made sure, as she played, she only had silver coins. #fastlearner #couldhavefooledme


How us sporty types roll.

The basketball dreidel threw down all the gimels, the football dreidel was hard to see, and the baseball dreidel handed out the shin (shin put one in!), so much for America’s past time.  We gave out stingy loans to one another as our cash depleted and the candles burned low. We played for hours and discussed the merits of a reverse spin, glass vs. wood, and the possibility of a weighted dreidel.  Helen’s an athlete.
Yinz had me at Shalom,

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