31 Dec

Welcome 2016, the year of the Roaring 20’s.

I have something to tell you that you’re probably going to like.image
During my first trip to the Deep South (Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkadelphia) I got high off of helping others, learned what to do in a flash flood (Don’t drown. Turn around. Go see your mom.), enjoyed the hospitality of Michelle, Ms. Greger, and co., joked hysterically and endlessly with Russ, told a religious joke I had gaged as appropriate but ended up it wasn’t, a car was named after me! #7shortyears #SammiUV, culled a meowton of clothes, saw a double rainbow


Hungout with this Christmas Ham


Finally met Lydia 😄

And laughed until I cried in a house with 17,000 clocks.

I hope we have plans right now because I feel amazing.
RIP task,

One Response to “#morningpeople”

  1. Jerry and Kathy Pitts December 31, 2015 at 7:05 pm #

    So what are you going to tell me that I will probly like ? I thought you were in or going to Portugal ? Our wish for you this Brand New Year is for it to be the Best Year Ever ! ! ! Good Luck on your New Adventure !

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