Taking it Portuguese-y

21 Feb

Hola! which is “Ola!” in Portugal. Turns out I speak enough Spanish to be constantly wrong in Portuguese. I came to this country for two weeks, friend-less, and left 6 weeks later with some of the best friends a girl could have possibly met online: Iryna, Claire, Pepe, Magda, Rolands, Telmo, and that good Portugal girl with that Aussie accent, Paula ❤


Traveler Fakes English as Second Language with No Real First Language



It’s the coffee (after every meal). Or all the meat (blood sausage). Or maybe it’s the pastries for breakfast (pastel de nata ).


This cheap, delicious wine reminds me of loosing Dennis, a national dish with salt fish from Norway, and we must pet every single cat.


deep breath of that sexy, European air

This trip I confused left and right, lowered my standards about what is good weather, and explored (back and forth) my 4th 3rd favourite city in the entire world, Portugal.  I landed and headed straight to Fundao (and not just for its reputation)  — that’s where my New Years plans were. Special thanks to Jocko, Bernardo, Mirium, and facebook.  Genius Trivial Pursuit in a foreign language stumped me and a week later I hitchhiked in my five fingers, hold your nose.  Rain, hail, snow, and frozen feet massaged my “good plan” into a €5 a day, insurance-less, car rental plan.  I’ll fast forward through the stress of a cracked windshield, fox scratches, unpaved roads, and a final-day collision because in the end it was a stormy Sunday and the best case scenario prevailed! Exclamation point! Paula joined me for 2 days the entire time.



Portugal, if I’m being totally honest, I hadn’t given you much thought before this trip but now I’m telling everyone I know.

Weeks of sideways rain, gum refusing to extradite itself from the wrapper, and ceramic-tiled, heat-less, drier-less houses meant I wasn’t going to wash my clothes and I stayed dirty.  In Oporto, Slovenia came back onto my radar, I met a Brit who wasn’t terrible and a Chinese student speaking 5 languages, plus we overheard the gem “he who is snoozes looses”.


Why don’t we write them Oporto and Lisboa on the map like they do?? Serious question.

I’ll name drop Barcelos but we started in Regua, excuse me, I have used a regua, Torre de Moncorvo, old castles in Marialva, a star in Almeida, monumental amounts of hard physical labor have gone into this country (and judging from how they scan groceries, they are not speedy), Monsanto, the tallest Serra de Estrela, slippery cobblestone streets in Piodo, Bordeiro, and because you don’t leave cool to find fish, Bordeiro, Schist villages, get-in-my-car Leiria ;), no wave Nazare 😉 ;), tourist-free Obidos, Fundao, Jamaica, all the land from Marvao, a state of Feliz, Elvas, MoMo, Evora, cork trees, orange trees, adventure filled Sintra where I joyfully acquired another Portugueser, listened to JJJ on Australia day, and broke into an abandoned house with a cripple named Filipa, Sines, church, now a gang of Portuguese, airplanes on the beach, Albufeira, Laughter Yoga, Faro, terracotta roofs in Santa Luzia, Carnival, and always, everywhere 10 perfect ukulele songs.


visited the most western point on mainland Europe, this is not it.


Our home.  We planned our trip nightly and changed everything the next day.

From now on, I want a knife with my fork.
Caio, beijos, caio, beijos, caio,   caio,   caio, beijos, caio, beijos, caio, and a kiss for each cheek because I love that,

2 Responses to “Taking it Portuguese-y”

  1. deekerson February 21, 2016 at 2:47 pm #

    Eu amo ler sobre suas aventuras. E, eu amo ver as fotos.

  2. Jerry Pitts February 22, 2016 at 6:29 am #

    You keep rolling across this Planet in the Good times and you will be a World Traveler in no time if not already, sounds fun and it is Beautiful Thanks for the slide show.

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