I almost. just ate a bug.

15 Apr

Did I ever tell you about my Jamaican mama??
I teach her grandchildren (Mookot, Tyra, ‘milya, ‘mya, Sean, Tugs, Hulky, and Candy) — which is how we met. She lives on my lane. 3.5 houses away (depending on what, exactly, you count as a house) and she is a phenomenal cook by Jamaican standards. Everyone in the community loves her food; Root vegetables, Chicken feet, Soup, Rice and peas, Ackee and saltfish, and on and on.

It should be said, Jamaicans don’t have a varied pallet — but that might be a discussion for another post.

Right, so, of the 10 (or so) very common Jamaican meals, my ‘mama’ is dynamite. Take my word for it. She can make a wicked boiled banana, a tender cut of pumpkin, a perfectly shaped dumpling, and supple piece of chicken. I get to go there for dinner every night of the week. I pay her a minimal amount (she’s already cooking for so many!) and just hop in line to be ‘shared out’ with the rest of ‘my family’.

I have wonderful stories about all of them, Dicky, Mas Punus (sp?), Charmaine, Thaddeus, Q, — my ‘brothers and sisters’. These crazy people (specifically Charmaine, seriously, whoa.) compose my beautiful Jamaican family and make it so I’m a little less lonely on this ever-so-isolating island. I am sure you will be hearing of them in later posts.

*And from now on the words, mama, brother, sister, family, ect will no longer be put into quotations.
***Note to my real mother, Joey: You’re still my favorite!! ๐Ÿ™‚

So, where was I?
Ah yes, Mamas cooking…
Here’s a quick snapshot of her in the kitchen.

This is where the magic happens.

Okay, so last night it was raining (you might remember) and it was dinner time. So, before I walked to mamas, I donned appropriate gear [aka a shirt that wouldn’t turn see through and my crocs that are so worn down they have ducktape on the soles (thanks, Molly!)].

On a related/interesting note, Jamaicans have this thing where they don’t go out in the rain. And everything that was going to happen gets canceled if it’s raining. Did I say everything? I mean everything; school, meetings, work, concerts, ect.

Well, not I! I have resolved to get outside and walk in the sun/play in the rain every single day. Itโ€™s part of the new, happier, โ€˜mi. Rain will not stop me from having dinner, ha!

My Jamaican family thinks I’m crazy for walking in the rain: That I most certainly am going to get sick (hello, it’s warm rain) and get dirty (well, this at least is true).

So, I got to mamas and I could just feel their disapproving stares. Moving on, look what’s cooking!

Now, seriously, doesn't that look amazing?

My guess is soup.


Mama made Green Pepper Pot soup last night. I’ve never had that before. She served me up and I carefully walked my dish (covered so the rain wouldn’t get in) and my dog (Goose was a muddy mess) home where we could sit down and eat.

I put my spoon into the green soup and pull out….a moth.
The following picture was not taken yesterday but IS from mamas kitchen.

Perhaps THIS is the point where the bug slipped in?

In fairness to mama I have never *noticed* a bug in her soups before.

I almost posted a picture of the moth but then I thought ‘meh. I ate it anyway’ (the meal, not the moth).
No big deal.

In case you’re wondering, the soup was delicious.

Until tomorrow,
‘mi ๐Ÿ™‚

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