Peanut Land

27 Jul

All this week I popped out of bed
Made breakfast, did chores, and I said
Not all white girls are “stoosh”
As proof I went into the bush
But now I’m so tired I feel like I’m dead!

It’s Peanut Time and everyone, everyone has peanuts to harvest.

The Process:
Once peanuts reach maturity (approximately 3 months after planting) they need to be pulled. For this you arrive at the farm early in the morning (because “It’s so hot in Elim that…”). You pull up the peanut plants by their roots, shake off excess dirt, and leave them in large piles to dry in the sun for several days.
An acre of land could take 5 people 3 full days to pull.

Once the peanut plants are no longer in the ground, organized into messy piles, and have dried in the sun for at least 3 full days, you can begin the process of actually ‘picking’ the peanuts off of the plant.
This activity, blessedly, can be done in the shade but has to be done sooner rather than later because birds, unfortunately, also like peanuts.
This same acre takes those same 5 people 5 more days to pick and sort.

I'm day dreaming about ice cream

These peanuts, in their shells, lay out in the sun (yes, again) for 3 more days.
By this time they are “well dry” and so am I.
Time to get hydrated.

The next activity, although not as urgent, but just as tedious involves cracking the shells and retrieving the nuts. Hours (and now days) of my life have petered away during this mindless, (but necessary) task.

Suffice to say I’ve had peanuts at every meal; peanut porridge, parched peanuts, rice ‘n peanuts, peanut dumplings, peanut juice, peanuts on my salad, peanuts in my oats, peanut cakes, peanut drops, and on and on.
I’ve done little else this past week.
And what I have done has been at night.
And always in front of the fan.

Tonight, pray for me to have creamy, sugary, cold (think peanut-dairy) wet-dreams.

Yours until the ice ages,
‘mi 🙂

4 Responses to “Peanut Land”

  1. deekers July 28, 2011 at 1:20 am #

    It all makes sense to me. You’re my little peanut.

  2. Mama Masera July 28, 2011 at 11:11 pm #

    I love!!!! peanuts. Thanks for sharing how the whole process works. I really never thought about how they are grown. I know you posted about peanuts in either your last post or before that, but I guess when I think of Jamacia…I think fruit. That’s awesome…peanut harvesting I mean. My favorite topping on vanilla ice cream is this amazing peanut butter sause. It’s hard to find. The first time I had it was at Mercer’s Ice Cream & Dairy Shop in Boonville. I know Friendly’s also has it, but besides that…..I never can find it. BTW Mercers Rocks! If you haven’t already been, it’s a must do in Boonville. 🙂 Have Nicky Pooh take you! 😉

    Much Love!

    • Sammi Travis August 22, 2011 at 9:13 pm #

      Mama Masera! My next post is going to mention peanuts, too! I can’t help it — they’re everywhere!!!!
      I must go to Mercers next time I’m in Boonville.

      Thanks for reading — and thanks for commenting!
      Love you!

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