Pretty Thai Girl?

29 Nov



Near the iconic Khao San Road

In Bangkok, as I laced up my sneakers for a run, I got mistaken for an ex-pat which was how I came to have the best time ever.  Three global Iranians, looking for green curry, who had moved to Sweden to pick up English and other bad habits, now dispersed across India, Germany, and Tasmania, met in Thailand for a visa-run, brought along a friend, and approached me for a dinner recommendation. I abandoned my jog, joined them on their quest, and didn’t leave their side for days 🙂


Proud to call you my friends

In the above photo we were either on our way to meet a famous German actor or again, to eat more green curry.


A bouquet of lotus flowers and Roomissa


The food is incredible.  Cheaper, tastier, and fresher.  “What does that do?”  “That keeps things fresh” “Well then that’s a fresh-er!”



North, for an entire month, to Chiang Mai


I took an 80 hour massage course, at the International School of Massage, where I became versed in the ancient art of foot reflexology.

And, I joined a really nice gym.


I started loosing weight. So, as a reward, I bought myself Magnum ice-cream!  Kidding (not really).  I tried to do that sparingly. Instead, I took myself shopping where I found these American flag shorts that I couldn’t afford not to buy (150 Thai Bhat).  They were discouragingly labeled as ‘large’. I thought my diet had been going well and I begged the shopkeeper to tell me they were mislabeled.  She shook her head, I was a large, she insisted, “an Asian large.”

I bought them anyway and, armed with red white and blue, I was ready when The French came to visit.


There’s V 🙂 Adding sugar and lime to the famous pancake

It was so much fun being with them.  Rare and comforting to spontaneously meet up with comrades from other parts of the world.  (Minus the briefest of injuries.) I let my guard down and had a vacation.


A lengthy motorbike trek over the river and through the woods.

I doubled my efforts at the gym after they left and met Kevin in the air-conditioning.  I decided not to post a picture of basketball watching in the middle of (what I’m sure was) the night, but let’s go Heat!!  I haven’t looked at Curry the same since.


After a false start due to the seriousness with which he pushed meditation on me, we became friends 

Thailand was exactly what I needed before heading back to America for the first time in a year and half; carnal pleasures while being annoyingly healthy and under budget. I used my time there as a literal retreat and I reckon I’ll be back to do the same.


These fish are more attentive than puppies


ka ka ka, memories from the Land of Smiles,


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