2017 Travel Summary: A Little Less Conversation (about blogging), A Little More Actual Blogging…

22 Dec

Ok, here’s the deal:

We all know I’m just a little behind on my blogging. And by “a little behind,” I mean 5 months behind—okay, maybe 6. But I have some good news and some extra good news for my party sized readership, which is growing.  Welcome new people!!  The good news is that there aren’t many rules when it comes to blogging, which means the blog police can’t revoke my license to spill if I fall behind on a posting or two. Life gets in the way; writing can (and will) get a little bothersome. It happens!


I was so busy this year, I even had to brush my teeth in airport bathrooms! How could anyone expect me to blog, am I right?


Now for the extra good news… drumroll, please… I’m getting back in the game! To finish updating AdventureSam, I’ll be playing catch-up and posting on Thursdays* in 2018, as a “Throwback to 2017” travel tribute. Ultimately, my goal (my pre-New Year’s resolution, if you will) is to both get back to posting in real time AND to catch up on the second half of this year.

*The fine print: I might not post a back blog every week, but when I do, it’ll be on Thursdays.


The birdseye view from a plane window—a favorite view from this year.


So without further ado, here’s a quick summary of my 2017 travels and a lil’ sneak peek of some posts you can look forward to on upcoming TBTs (“Throwback Thursdays” for those who don’t speak Internet):

  • Nine weeks exploring Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand)
  • Several weeks groovin’ out West (California, Colorado… and let’s generously throw in Ithaca, NY)
  • A month living it up in Peru  (the Amazon, hiking around the Andes, and visiting Machu Picchu).  It felt like the end of an era era era when I finished writing about that.
  • One long, joyous weekend spent in New Orleans
  • Two weeks hanging out with the fam in Israel, Jordan, and Palestine (feat. a long layover in Iceland)
  • Living, laughing, and loving in the great outdoors of New York and West Virginia
  • Four days catching up with my Peace Corps Momma in Jamaica
  • One Thanksgiving weekend, partying with the Amish in Litiz, the coolest small town in America
  • An action-packed week schmoozing with Berlin



That moment when you start thinking about your 2018 travel plans.


And for those curious about my upcoming travels, get ready for:

MYSTERY TRIP 2018. Pack your bikinis, pack your snow coats, pack your surfboard and your skis, because there’s no knowing where we’re going! Okay, so maybe it’s not a complete mystery. After all, I’m in on the secret, but our destination, well, that’s for me to know…and you to find out!  😉




En route to endless adventures

The sky’s the limit,


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