April (snow) Showers…

15 Apr

If anything, bad weather just makes me appreciate the (few) days where the sun was actually shining and made me get my butt outside!

I kicked off April by helping the Pirates kick off their season; heading to the home opener game, it was worth it.  I also ran in a 10k race where, the morning of, we woke up to see actual, literal snow outside on the ground. All I could think was “this was a mistake” but we both powered through. I mean…Ben powered through. And I watched him collect his medal for 3rd place, pretty neat. Afterwords, I reminisced at the Wexford General Store.


Since this weather was pretty much a joke, I thought: what a great time to stay indoors and see some comedy! During the Burning Bridges Comedy Festival, I went and saw a comedy show for three days in a row.  I saw sketch comedy (the Philly team is amazing), an all-star hootenanny show, and an actual  Burning Bridges Comedy Festival show where Helen was performing. 


Tickets with Helen’s name on it…Look Martin, she’s made it!



Helbo’s professional festival pass.



Knock knock… who’s there?? Helen with some better jokes than this one!


As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m starting to become a huge fan of the non-event. Some of my other favorite moments included going to Cafe du Jour, Phipp’s Conservatory, the night a plant said “Hello back.” to helen, all the cherry blossoms, when Russian twists became freedom twists, getting invited to Joyce’s 70th birthday party, and a now a shout out to Katie Barbaro’s podcast: Showing Up Messy.


Hollywood visits Pittsburgh.




A non-event great night.



My first time at Eddie Merlots.


Hard to beat Pittsburgh in the SPRING!



Betting on children baseball games, we can’t get enough!


Just screen-shotting my own Snapchats.


So yes, April does come the many (snow) showers; however, every day I awoke to find more flowers than the day before.

Spring is my favorite,

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