Helen’s Magical Birthday Weekend

29 Apr

We’re going to get cryptic here in this blog post, and by cryptic, I mean that there’s a 95% chance you won’t understand what I’m talking about. Unless you’re Helen, then you’ll 100% know what I’m talking about. No, I’m not going to write the whole blog post in morse code because who has the knowledge or the time? So if you want, put on your detective hat, grab your spyglass and your Sherlock Holmes pipe, and start an investigation to figure out what the heck is going on here. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the ride.


CLUE #1: The beginning of mystery weekend

The weekend began on Thursday, in Erie, where we went to see our one-time favorite comedian, Brian Regan, perform — both our past and present selves had a fantastic night.


Brian Regan!


CLUE #2- A coincidence or planted evidence?

Sometime during the weekend, an individual we had just met asked me how old I was, which I declined to answer because it was rude. So they asked a less rude question which was  “How much do you weigh?”  “Would you like that answer in pounds, kilos, stones, or ounces?”, I offered.  “How about in cans of beans?”, was the response. I laughed, how could they know how much I LOVE beans.

ANYWAYS, Helen and I get back to our house and guess what? We come home to an open can of beans in the fridge. Shall we call it LegumeGate? Was it all a coincidence? Regardless, LegumeGate had its own theme song — “You Bean-long with me”– a parody T-Swift song created by Helen (better than the original if you ask me).


CLUE #3- The classic “switcheroo”

After Bella performed at Cruz with Poppy Champlin, I drove her car which — hard to believe — is slightly different than mine. It’s the exact same, only Bella’s is a newer model and actually feels different to drive. But no one believed that it was not my car….or was it?


CLUE #4- The onion bowl infiltrators

At the dream flat, Helen kept the clementines and the onions separate. But I combined them because I didn’t think we would get confused.



Bowl mates.


Later on in the night, we decided to squeeze The Cuties in our mixed drinks because it was a good idea.  


CLUE #5- The unusual suspect


A heart-to-heart.


On Saturday, bright and early, we  worked out at our local gym where Helen had the most gleeful burpees our trainer had ever seen.



Back at headquarters.


CLUE #6: Gathering intel at the theater

At 2pm we went to go see Potted Potter and took some selfies by the stage.



Taking selfies with Mr. Potter at Potted Potter.


CLUE #7:

At our local bar (and since we “never want to be more than spitting distance” from our house) they had a mandarin infused vodka drink. Helen thought the onion infused vodka would not be far behind…
We woke up on Sunday, Helen’s actual birthday, and couldn’t believe there was still more birthday left.  I gave Helen her birthday present: Tickets to see Hamilton! I took a video; however, it is classified and you can just imagine that I’ve attached a link below:

http://www.youtube/imagine the video of Helen screaming, receiving Hamilton tickets.com

CLUE #8: Operation: Double birthday bash

So, when it came time for the actual party, I had to attend a meeting…standard procedure…nothing strange about it. Very normal.  Once it was over, Brit and I went to the party together, which was also a joint birthday party for a Great Dane turning one.


CLUE #9: The reenactment

During the party, Kristin had us recreate a moment from history: The frenemy side-eye, a classic.


Frenemies. Just kidding…just actual friends.


Bestie bliss.

CLUE #10- That magic Monday

“Wilt thou be gone? It is not yet near day. It was the nightingale, and not the lark, that pierced the fearful hollow of thine ear; Nightly she sings on yon pomegranate tree. Believe me, love, it was the nightingale.”  -Shakespeare
The nightingale has left the pomegranate tree. I repeat: the nightingale has left the pomegranate tree.
CLUE #11 – Harry and his muggles


Bonding with Mr. Potter himself, the ultimate gay ally.


For us, the clues from Helen’s birthday add up to one of the best weekends of our lives.  There are lots of loved ones who shared it with us who aren’t pictured, or they are pictured and they’re wearing their invisibility cloaks.  Our gauntlets (of fire) runneth over.
Happy birthday, Bella!


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  1. deekerson June 10, 2018 at 1:23 pm #

    I need a nap just reading about Helen’s Magical Birthday Weekend. 💤💤💤

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