May Flowers

31 May



Reflection of the blossoms from my window.


Spring is my favorite, even though at the tailend of mine came a heartbreak, but also so many other beaaaautiful things that really blossomed into a sense of renewal. For example, I took Victoria Pinksburgh out of storage, and we started getting reacquainted.



Victoria Pinksburgh II striking a pose.

I rode around the city and admired all the flowers. 

IMG_2511 2

Such a cutie.



Pittsburgh night sky with trees that we love.


As fun as Victoria Pinksburgh is to look at, she’s even more fun to ride — it’s like having the windows down in a car all. the time.  Which is made even better during the spring because allllll the flowers are in bloom! And I caught whiffs of blossoms every time I went for a ride.

Pinksburgh and I went for dozens of long rides around the city together and enjoyed a new route through the park which I use to clear my head.  I took Katie Diamond, Bella, and wee Emily there to enjoy the serenity as well.



Spontaneous best friend weekend.

One weekend, Helen and I played tennis, drove around the city running errands (got new cushions for our front porch), had coffee (COFFEECOFFEECOFFEE), and saw Standard Bank (it’s just like any other bank.  Picture a bank, it’s just like that.)


New perspectives: View of Pittsburgh from Pinksburgh.

I was invited as a plus one to a really fun lightning strikes party where I made friends with the hosts, Addi and Jojo. You know those people who stay to the very very end of a party? As in, they are
literally the last ones to leave? Yeah, that was us but only because we were having so much fun! And Addi and Jojo didn’t mind.  How do I know?  Because we bonded (although there is no photo evidence of this bonding session.  But Bel, we bonded, I swear.) 


Not pictured: my new friends, the hosts.


The party was amazing, and I’d like to make shoutouts to the really memorable cookie plate, the mac and cheese, and the green olive cheese balls, which I didn’t have (but were really well-labeled).  Also to Matt, who is really great at playing the piano and who also tolerated — I mean…enjoyed — Helen gleefully ruining all of his songs.



The Matt & Helen spring tour.


Another very memorable party was Emily’s birthday at her house, where we celebrated the Cavs, grilled burgers, played games, laughed, drank, and talked about baseball.  I mean basketball.


“Birthday Emily” drawn by wee Emily.



The Cavs crew! Not pictured: Laura and wee Emily.


Here’s the SparkNotes version of some other May standouts:


80’s Day.

  • When Helen and I turned the air conditioning on in our apartment for the first time this season and it didn’t catch on fire.
  • Molly T. gave birth!!! 
  • A royal wedding
  • Surf & turf dinner, cooked by Sprouty, which was literally the best meal of my life.  THE BEST MEAL OF MY LIFE.  The best sea bass I’ve ever tasted in all my years of living, which I will remember until the end of time and then on into eternity.

I mean…come on. The Sea Bass was so good that I didn’t even eat the Filet Mignon — the FILET MIGNON.

  • Getting to know Sprouty when he invited me over and cooked me dinner. (See above).  He had actual sprouts growing and gets judged by his valet.
  • Getting back into yoga
  • The surf & turf dinner
  • “Everyone be nice to Emily’s cupcake.  especially you, beans” – Bel
  • My parents went to Holland, celebrated King’s Day — a holiday that none of us had ever heard about, biked around during tulip season, and visited Iceland.

Orange for King’s day! Also, pretending that balloon is my face.


My parents, Hulda, and her boyfriend ❤

  • A comedy show with 3 teenage girls and Jason Clark as the hilarious host
  • Talks with Julia about a business
  • When Brittny and I got paid by Sebastian to hangout
  • Playing tennis with Krupa and having a coal train go by sooooo slowly that we couldnt hear each other for an hour and a half.  It left just as we finished and I took her for her first ever scooter ride where a gopher ran at us full speed.
  • Those never ending 23 and me questions
  • The Smallest Show

    Hanging out with friends.


  • A steak dinner for a belated Mother’s Day which was followed by ice cream…and then more ice cream. My dad and I went to two separate ice cream shops to do an unofficial taste test that no one asked us to do but was conclusive.

There was nothing left on my plate.


  • When Zack finally came in at the end of my Wednesday shift.
  • The Surf & Turf dinner…
  • The sea bass from the surf & turf dinner.
  • Remembering my friend Brendan on May 23 (RIP <3)


Another great night was the “Thank you” dinner with Kristin, Helen, and Emily where we drank great cocktails and had delicious food.  So… “thank you” for what again?  Months (and months) ago, we drove Helen and Kristin to the airport, and they promised they would plan a dinner to say thank you. So finally, after an epic group thread and consulting the farmers almanac, we found a day when our schedules lined up.  Emily picked me and Bel up, and drove us to the Thank You dinner… which was kind of ironic since the whole dinner began because we drove them to the airport. In the words of Emily: “I figured you might need a reminder of why we’re having this dinner in the first place.”


Thank you for the thank you dinner!



Thank you for taking a picture of the thank you dinner.


May was a fabulous month, even through the heartbreak. And my friends really showed up.  Plus, I have to mention it again, the joy of having an experience of a lifetime — eating that sea bass from the surf & turf dinner.  

Spring is spectacular, all those flowers, all the scooter rides…
I love it more and more every year,

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