Oh, baby!

20 Jan

Colleen’s baby shower was upon us, yay!

After a rather sleepless night in the airport (unless you count that one hour I slept on the ground), Ben, Nina, and a very pregnant Colleen picked a sleepy Bam up from the airport to begin best friend baby festivities. Though I was exhausted– (I had been on my way to New Zealand but wouldn’t miss this for the world [quite literally])– the excitement and happiness of being with my friends kept me awake. And the gorgeous brunch we went to… that kept me awake too. We caught up for hours before we headed back to their house where I was introduced to all of their plants (very friendly) and we decided that the best way to enjoy this snowy, cold weather would be to go on a mini road trip (where captain and co-pilot were at it again) that ended in a wintry hike.



When in Wisconsin….



The moment of the Sasquatch Tattoo Discussion



Captain, Co-pilot, and our favorite Co-Co-Captain-Pilot, Buffy



Keeping the bun in the oven warm with HUGS and friendship


Before the hike, we stopped at the capital of appital (ok, that doesn’t make sense, but we were there for apples and I love puns).



VIP parking for our VIP mommy-to-be


Unfortunately for the pun, they were out of apples so we settled on some cider that wasn’t as good. But Ben made up for it by showing us what Wisconsin is truly all about when he asked the clerk THE MOST Wisconsin thing ever to be asked, probably in the history of Wisconsin: “What’s your recommended cheese curd variety?”



Gettin’ in on some cheese action #TalkCurddyToMe



Had an eggselent time at the market!


Later that evening, I spent some quality time with Ben and Colleen by getting burritos (spoiled by bleach being thrown on the floor) at Burritos House before rejoining with Nina and going to see the new (loud) animated Spider-Man movie.


When the burrito doesn’t cut it you go for the movie snacks — but also you go for the movie snacks even when the burrito does cut it


The next day, Nina nad I had to share Colleen with everyone else for a while during the baby shower, which was an AMAZING experience. We got ready at Colleen’s house and since teamwork makes the dream(team) work, Nina helped Colleen do her make up for the big day.



Colleen and Ben– Hey, Colleen, you’re PREGNANT!


We got to celebrate Leeny and Ben and their creation which happens to be A TINY PERSON.  I absolutely loved seeing Colleen pregnant in a way that I didn’t anticipate; witnessing the change; I couldn’t stop telling her how PREGNANT she was (even though she *clearly already knew). It was honestly the best baby shower I could have imagined (big shout out to Peggy for throwing it!). It was really fun getting to know more of Colleen’s friends better, mingling with her family whom I love (Hi Mary and Paul!), and getting to hang out with my best friend’s best friend, always a good time.



Baby Loveeeee!!! Photo credit: Nina



Four gal pals; although, the fourth one hadn’t come out to play yet


The weekend was a great bonding experience.  The baby shower was co-ed, multi-generational in a not so extreme way (as in no one was under 5 but also no one used a walker), both families were there (his and hers), which meant I also got to meet some of Ben’s family, and there weren’t a ton of games that took up invaluable getting-to-know-you time. We were in a gorgeous house, celebrating THREE gorgeous people, drank “mom”osas, and had lots of general merriment.

It only got better when Collen, Nina, Mary and I played pool upstairs and Nina and I (Team Captain and Co-pilot) lost, won, and then lost again almost instantly.  But even though we were technically losers according to the rules of the game, it was so much fun, really, we were ALL winners.

There was also an after party, where Nina and I got to hog Colleen again. We went on an exciting grocery store run where I saw an abundance of rainbows and we all grabbed up some drinks for the party.  Then there was a dinner run where we picked up Indian food for the hungry group. Back at the house, the after party continued, and Colleen made the time to craft an Anthrocon letter to Turtyle.  He hasn’t responded yet, but we’re determined to get a reply.  Stay tuned, Anthrocon 2019.

Like all good things though, my time in Wisconsin had to end, and in the wee hours of the morning, Colleen drove me back to the airport.  I’d accidentally left myself a mystery present at Mary’s house, and it actually was a mystery because I honestly couldn’t remember what I had left for myself at her house the day before. Mary, who is the equivalent of Sherlock Holmes, figured it out, and Colleen and I swung by to pick it up from her mailbox as we continued on our way to the airport.  I was SO excited when I opened it because it was BUBBLE WRAP.  And not only is bubble wrap fun on its own, but it was also a reminder that I got to wrap Victoria’s very special birthday present!!  I want to thank Mary because she made my mystery present extra sweet by throwing in some bonus almonds for my journey on the plane. Everyone connected to Colleen contributed to make my time in Wisconsin glorious.  I love and miss you all!


And before I end this blog post…. I MUST introduce the GIRL OF THE HOUR:





Bea Fae Olson Skemp was born healthy during a home birth February 19th, 2019. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ADORABLE PARENTS!!!!! ❤

Empowered by happy, strong women,

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