Winter to Spring: A slideshow (OF SORTS)

31 Mar

Winter was great.  And it’s only getting better as spring descends into Pittsburgh. (It’s still spring, right?) And, well, to be fully inclusive: summer was great, too, New Zealand style, as I was there as autumn descended onto  that country.  I spent the entire month of February down under.  (Posts to come.)

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  (or is it that I’m so far behind that it now feels like I’m ahead of myself?  I can’t keep track.)  Anyway, there are so many great moments that I’m trying to record.  For my own memory.  To share with friends.  And to reflect upon this fabulous life.  

I decided to make this blog post a slideshow. And by “a slideshow” I just mean a list of pictures. Enjoy!  


  • One of my most memorable nights was Helen’s performance at The Improv’s open mic in January. It was memorable because 1. It was her first performance there and, as always, she was amazing.  But also, 2. There was the after show hang!  And the rest of the evening spent in the parking lot, sitting inside of my car (in the funnest way).




Things I absolutly love in March:

  • March 2nd ❤
  • Victoria becoming my BEST FRIEND 🙂



Best friend & best friend



This photo was taken on January 31st, before they said I love you.


  • Another great night was when wee Emily and I nailed our hangout, back in late 2018.  As my journal so eloquently puts it: “We nailed it! We had a night in. We had a night out. We had an after hours with two Iraqi men.” We chilled at the hookah bar.  It doesn’t get better than that.

         (Not pictured: Any of this experience)



Our first house fire… but not how it sounds, more how it looks.   Fully contained! (with water just in case). Hi, Laura! Hi, Emily!



Second house fire!  PURE JOY!  Photo credit: Best friend, Victoria Bradley


  • At one point during this seasonal transition, coffee with Madeline.  I only had to pay $0.25/ hour for parking, which was a dream come true — Thanks, Millvale! I got to spend all the extra cash on treats, where Madeline and I spilled some water that the hot barista said was fine, but actually needed a good mopping. Madeline also practiced tipping a non existent hat and finger pointing.  Super suave.

         (Not pictured: the hot barista… or anything else)



Sneaking away for a selfie at the Baby Grand show.


  • A slight neg: “You have Cricket Wireless for a phone company?  I have T-mobile, and I’m looking down on you.”

         (Not pictured: my phone plan)


  • Bel and I met some young, Australian backpackers fresh off the mega bus. We gleefully gave them an itinerary.

         (Not pictured: the Australian backpackers)


~I’m beginning to think this is a bad slideshow.~


  • I thought of a new Furry name: Trigger.  
  • Also, I got to brainstorm other furry names with a theme!

(You can picture it.)


  • Emily C and I tried a new restaurant during restaurant week!  The Twisted Frenchman.  Followed by an Ethiopian restaurant afterwards (with Bel) because we weren’t full enough. We might’ve been full. But not enough.

        (Not pictured: the food)


  • I had some great times (as always) with Helen. Like when we split ice cream, and split it again, and then again until the end, laughing until we cried.  A treat while having a treat!

        (Not pictured: the ice cream)



Cooking already cooked vegetables to perfection.



A dreamy deamflat meal. With salsa!



The Hello Bistro salad (that I’d been craving) with a quality foodtograph.


  • The time where — uh, oh– it was raining inside the house and Helen needed an umbrella.

(Not pictured: because we want to forget)


  • After the Club Cafe show, at wee Emily’s house, trying to figure out where on the “scale” scale we were.  Garrett came to hang out and I wouldn’t tell him anything about Helen for their interview.

(Not pictured: the night)


  • 18 hours after I landed from New Zealand I started French class.

(Pas dans une image)


And now…actual pictures!!!

Other things I loved in March:

  • My first time officially working at R’s C.
  • Turning into a Penguins fan. Go ‘Guins (just kidding, no one says that)
  • I’m uncomfortable or I’m comfortable. “You gotta enunciate that first vowel, they’re just too close together” — CC
  • A plan b, which included eating an ice cream sandwich for breakfast
  • The best parts of shows are the after show hangs
  • And the Smallest Show with Helen and Francis!
  • Eating vegetables #vegetablejob and speaking up at Unplanned when asked “When did you know you were straight?”
  • Voting (obsessively) for Best Comic in Pittsburgh
  • Presents from Nashville ❤
  • Zenith for brunch



The sweetest text from a new father, Rusty made me Blush.  Congratulations! 



Lake house chillaxin’ ❤



Lake house dinner; scallops!



Meeting Kendyll, Mike, Jeff, and Gatsby at The Apis brewery show #ourfirstpic


Emily, Laura, Katie, and I went to the casino and I had the nicest cat-callers. One of them even got me flowers — how can a girl be so lucky…yet still loose all her money?



More flowers?! I should have been on a roll!


A grocery store game!  $30.01 total!  Then “helping” to cook and getting to eat a delicious homemade dinner for two.



Essentially a $15-dinner for one. #math



Calling all the shots. Fool me once, Colombia….  I’ll take them all, please  #AlleghenyHealthDepartment 



Love of my life flat



New bed, new sheets, new pillows, same princess.



A champagne cork POP; celebrating a Just for Laughs showcase at Cafe du Jour.


And, another big moment. We got to read an article written abroad from THE Katie Barbaro featured in THE Table Magazine

(Pictured below: the experience. Not pictured below: Katie Barbaro)


Reading my best friend’s words in my best friend’s magazine with my very best friends.


…And that’s all she wrote! Literally… that’s all I’m writing.
See ya on the next post,


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