NYC, what is it about you?

4 Nov

(As I hit post on this, once again, I’m in New York City.  But this blog takes us back to the beginning, back to October.)

Collin, as you (may) already know, had moved to Astoria, Queens, in New York City to follow his dreams and the two of us were long overdue for a visit.  





I took an overnight mega bus to the city that never sleeps and made SURE to set myself up for success (I even bought two seats next to each other so that I could curl up and try to comfortably sleep). Even with legal amounts of melatonin, it didn’t work.   By the time I got to New York City, I felt MEGA car sick from the mega bus.  I ducked into a flower shop to appreciate their fresh air and purchased white flowers for all the boys. #alwaysbewooing



Can you say Stud flat?


Collin met me off of the train, we hurried to see his apartment, and then… it was off on an adventure!!  Collin had planned a secret mystery date that was starting soon!



Our first subway ❤


Turns out, we were heading to The Met; cool! And not only were we going to The Met but… we were also going to go on a Harry Potter tour!

“Disclaimer: None of the sights you will see here were actually in either the movies or the books. You’ll just use your imagination.” – Our tour guide.  

Col and I looked at each other and smiled. We love making eye contact.  This was going to be funny.  Soon, we started seeing Harry Potter imagery everywhere.  The staircase.  The doors (is that a griffyn… door?!). The chandeliers.   It was a private tour with a Harry Potter expert as my handsome date.  10 (more) points for Collin!

We built up quite an appetite and went somewhere close by for lunch – Thai food – and headed back to the apartment where I met Chester, Brandon, Dahlia, Carla, and hugged Ray.  Apparently, this was the most people that’d ever been in the Stud flat. 

In the evening, we got ready for Halloween. I was Carmen SAMdiego. “That’s what they call me.”  “Who calls you that?”  Collin was a stylish Waldo.







First name: Where



Ray Za-PAW-dni


We ended our day the best way possible.  Together.
Walking home, eating pizza, and falling asleep.

The next day(s) were perfect.



The bluest sky, the biggest phone


Activities during our weekend included: walking around multiple parks including Socrates Sculpture Park and Central Park (is the New York City marathon going on or do they keep those signs up all year?), crying in a delicious bagel shop (Col was just there for the ride); holding hands, playing, falling more in love, and EATING all the treats (I’m talkin’ healthy bowls, steak, Greek desserts, hot chocolate from Max Brenner, gelato, mini cupcakes, cookies and milk).   On the street, I saw a guy with a sign that said “$20 to punch me in the face.” It was a moral dilemma that I never thought I’d experience. 



Happy couple in the big Apple… The Big HAPPLE


To celebrate our anniversary we walked 8 miles  — say 8! — lol jk, it was over 10.



Happy Anniversa-tree


We ate dinner at an all-vegetarian Indian restaurant called Night Music where I ordered the Tea Swift <3. And I GOT A BONUS HOUR (thanks, daylight savings), which I used to watch the Steelers win their baseball game. 

Back at the apartment, we drank the best kind of wine and the best kind of popcorn.  IT WAS CLEARLY THE BEST KIND OF WEEKEND.  We laughed in bed where I learned how funny it is to watch someone (Collin) try to put something on a shelf while they are laying upside down.

We capped off one of the nights at a QED party.

Before it was time for me to go back to Pittsburgh – for now – Collin and I ate (more) pizza, had (more) bagels, did more walking, more listening, more talking, more loving, more dreaming.



When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie… that’s amore ❤


A(nother) long walk in NYC was how we spent our last night.  Which, at the risk of sounding redundant, was perfect. A well-deserved (delicious) bottle of wine, Sac’s Pizza, and a to-die-for mushroom appetizer. 

And since I was a miserable lump en route to NYC, to get me back to Pittsburgh, Col impressively used his connections to book a super cheap Jet Blue flight. I got the royal treatment on the airplane and even snagged some extra leg room. Take that, Mega Bus.



Back to the ‘burgh.



Don’t forget to chase me when we …. …….. (you remember the sign?)


My heart is in New York,

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