1. (South) New Zealand

5 Jan


In keeping with my resolution, my blog posts about the south island of New Zealand are going to be shorter, more for me. And Rachel. You’re welcome to enjoy them, too, of course. But the stories won’t be explained. I’m going to start. And stop. Whenever and wherever I want. These are our memories.

Including Spa day: aka a cold bathing suit shower.

January 2nd. Christchurch.
Thanks to Lucky’s, Rachel and I became key carrying members of van life.  Well, one key that worked and one key that didn’t.  And no bed sheets, please (which we did come to regret. “We were already gross but this makes us nasty.”).   At the rental company I got to mark up the paper myself (I love it when they let me do that).


Introducing: The Imposter Bach



We did a number on her.


At night, in Arthur’s Pass, we felt our first sandfly bite, finished Step Brothers, and felt cold.  Tomorrow, when we wake up, we’re going to eat our coleslaw.



January 3rd


Gezpacho! Instant, cold coffee that is better than Jedd’s.


A 6.5 (7) hour hike – where we counted poles – you had me at “the Tongariro of the south”; Avalanche Pass. Where afterwords, we skipped Devils Punchbowl because “that downhill broke my spirit.” – me



Not pictured: The wind.



Kea, a mountain parrot.




Glacier water




Before our container started to leak.



January 4th
Sore. 3 cords in the car of different colors and different purposes. ABC. Deleting picture feng shui. A river walk. And New Zealand ice cream (our first, this trip).


January 5th
Big, full day. Went to bed satisfied.

“Is it a day or has it been three?” – Rae



We officially became dirt bags when I had actual dirt in my teeth.


Wind beneath her wings.


Lake Tekapo:
Better that the observatory was closed.




Eye candy


And outside of it:



Loopy for lupin


Eliminated the Hooker Valley track (for the second time). And saw upwards of 100 bunnies while playing bunny frogger and not seeing any blue penguins. 


Things that stayed the same:
Left side
Nice people

In New Zealand we trust,

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