Back to Oz

21 Jan

It’s not often that I go back to a country for a second time 🙂  But, in Australia, I had some unfinished business…


Sydney, New South Wales


In keeping with my resolutions, this post was FUN and EASY for me to write, which means it lacks details.  These are memories of this blog down under are for me, for Rachel, for Travis, for Melina, for Kim and for anyone else who would like to join.  They start on:


January 20th
Operation Rescue the Money

Travis, THE SAINT AND GOOD FRIEND THAT HE IS, picked us up from the airport at the crack of dawn.



Pittsburgh down under, yinz.



A hidden key.


Through the help of Melina, Mark, Mark’s mom, and again, TRAVIS, we safely retrieved the second safety security box key.

Downtown, we parked in the Queen Victoria parking garage, saw a black huntsman spider scurry across the ground, headed to Gringotts Bank complete with a goblin who was working security, had my signature scrutinized, retrieved all the money AND a letter to my 29 year old self (only 3 years later than I’d anticipated, well done), went to the post office across the street, insured the package for $30 (GULP), bought SIM cards half a block away — 30 gigs of data for less than a week — I’ve never had so much data in my life, I’m rich!

“Operation Retrieve the Money” was a TOTAL success!


My heroes.


After a slight walking tour, Rachel, Travis, and I realized we were starving, and found the PERFECT, fancy place to eat in The Rocks; an outdoor space serving kangaroo, crocodile tail, and pony espresso martinis.  We ate and drank our fill before heading to Beach Road Hotel, which served us well, and was located near the famous Bondi Beach.




Things we talked about that day:
How bummed I was that I didn’t get to see Melina, Mark, and Tilly
“This is such good music!”
THANK YOU TRAVIS, you’re a true mate!
“How great is it that we’re not driving?!” (Said multiple times by Rachel AND Sammi)
I need to get my Burks tightned.
Let’s stop at Ice bergs for a drink.
Celebrate:  A person who marries people and HOPEFULLY MY FUTURE JOB 


Back at the Beach Road Hotel, we rearranged all the beds so that they were laying on the floor.  Travis used his connections.  And Kim met us for some soda water, a chat about the horrible fires, a different key (THANK YOU!), and a bought of friendship.



Real queens fix each other’s crowns.



Throwing a perfectly curated party.


At night, we took hotel room blankets onto the sand, a park bench, and a beach shelter, and the three of us bonded on Bondi ❤ ❤ ❤


January 21st
We slept a little but the next day was a VERY hot day.  Since business from yesterday was already taken care of, the three of us decided to walk around, see the sights, and explore Sydney’s free, Royal Botanical Gardens.  



The entrance. Or, one entrance.  This place is HUGE.



My lizard brain, telling me over and over how hot it was outside.


When we got to the succulent garden, with no shade or respite, I thought ‘Maybe it was the wrong idea to come to these gardens today…’  When the Herbarium was closed? I was pretty sure we had made a mistake.  But then? The Fern Garden changed my mind.  It was nice in there.  And the Carnivorous plant exhibit aka ‘Plants That Bite’, with all the mist, totally won me over.



A room full of Seymour.


Travis, Rachel, and I continued our walk to the Sydney Opera House, drank hair of the dog, used Trav as our GPS, continued on to Darling Harbor, bought discounted ticket to the aquarium, paid homage to Brendan, ate $10 Fish and chips on Tuesday — with every free dip, and said “see you in a few days! We love you!” to our dear friend Travis.

Rachel, me, and all of our stuff, were on our own again.  With our backpacks on, we headed back to the Royal Botanical Gardens, drank wine in The Fernery, and learned that our second favorite tree is called the Silver Fern.  It had been my Facebook banner photo for over a year, but it took coming to Australia to learn that it was the national symbol of New Zealand. Better late than never.

She and I continued walking, past the bin chickens (Ibis); past the sweetest, softest, pinkest, loveliest frangipanis we had ever smelt; back to the Sydney Opera House for AN ACTUAL OPERA, La Boheme (which first aired in 1896).  We went through security, stored our backpacks at the coat rack, and arrived bedraggled, sweaty, and with one minute to spare. But, like always, WE HAD MADE IT!



The iconic Sydney Opera House where we were heading to see an ACTUAL OPERA!



Dressed in our best.



It was so good.


There were 4 acts and I cried during all but one of them.  The 4th act had us both sobbing.  We sat in red, cushy seats, and enjoyed ourselves immensely.  It was a fantastic night out.

That night, Kim graciously let us sleep at her apartment while she was spending time in Asia. (Thank you again, Kim!)

All these years later, I had come back to Australia.  My mission was accomplished.  Friendship abounded.  We had come down with a bad case of the good times.
In Travis we trust,

An email to Scott, NZ Frenzy

19 Jan

As loyal New Zealand blog readers of AdventureSam, you will know, Scott Cook, author of the incredible guidebook series called New Zealand frenzy, is someone that Rachel and I adore.  Sure, we’e never met him.  But, for two months we carried him by our side, referencing his knowledge, laughing at his humor, and strictly following his advice.  At the end of our trip, we decided to write him an email.

Here is that exchange:





Scott! Hello! 🙂 🙂

You don’t know us but we feel like we know you. Attached are some photos, I’ll explain. I’m gunna start with, what you might think, is the best one, that’s Rachel and I kissing. 🙂



In February 2019, we had NZ frenzy as a companion for one VERY FULL/EXCITING/BEAUTIFUL SQUARED month. Which was spent entirely on the northern island.

Fast forward to this year: January 2020. The South Island! — where we also had NZ frenzy for our EPIC one month stay in the southern part of STUNNING NZ. You have made such a positive impact on both of our trips.






So, back to the kissing picture. This pic was the first waterfall we went to on your recommendation. Piroa falls.  We couldn’t go into the pool because, well, see the sign. But we followed your instructions as best as we were could…

…Including heading to Tui Brewry after Tongariro crossing — where we drank and took a different photo.

Because you know what? We looked for you everywhere. Those times you said “see ya there!” At the end of your posts… we really did try to see you there.  “Are you Scott?” Was an anthem for our trip. “What would Scott do?” Was a question that came up often.






We boiled eggs in hot springs (and then brought those delicious eggs on our hikes), explored New Zealand’s cracks and crevices, and tramped our little American hearts out.






Rachel and I referenced you. Talked about you. And recommended you. We passed your books on to locals who assured us they would follow your advice with them same zeal and vigor as we had.






Thank you for all of the work you put into your books. For the GPS coordinates, the special details such as bringing magnets to the black sand beach, and for all the places you suggested we should have a drink. I promise you, we did.




Rachel and I feel proud to be part of the NZ frenzy gang and even prouder to call you our friend.

Lots of love, endless gratitude, and all sorts of adventures,

Sammi and Rachel








And then, 4 days later….WE GOT A REPLY!!!!!!


Yo Frenzied ladies… whoop whoop from Timaru!!

Such a fun email!! Where’s Cookie??
I love all the pix… but Tui and Dirty blond sure made me laugh extra… and the egg bag off that hot bridge( I did the same my last visit!)
Yay naked Shine… way to carpe the crap outta that diem!!
Sooooo…. I’m working on the follow-ups to the Frenzies. Everywhere far more obscure and away from the ever-maddening Insta hordes.
“Newd Zealand, the skinny-dippers guide to the world’s most beautiful county”
Yup. All nakey guide to hidden wonder spots. I’m sick of trying to sell “normal” guidebooks to lame people.  I’ve got a partner, @Naked_Kate, who I met in Abbey Cave two summers ago. She and her gals were on your same trip, but they did find scott cook underground in a cave! Now she’s my partner. Check her on Instagram!!!
Got any pix of you two for our book?? They’ll be minor overlap at obscure spots of swimmitude, but not too much. All these years later Nz wows me more than ever before! The hidden spots I’ve uncovered the past two summers are off the hook!!!!!
Here’s a spot a few kms before Milford Sound… then we found one that was even better!! Whaddayas think??
Cheers Scott
And that, my darling readers, is our New Zealand trip wrapped up with, what I think, is a nice, neat bow.
In Scott we trust,

5. The New ZealEND

18 Jan

Blog 1    —     Blog 2   —    Blog 3    —     Blog 4

January 17th



Driving the getaway car.


“I wouldn’t change a thing” – Rachel.  “It was a
 flipping good time”.

For whatever reason, the gravel road out felt shorter than on the way in.  And, we noticed, all the animas got out of their pens last night.  “Is the heat on? Is the heat working? What’s going on with the heat?”

We ate the Eggs Benedict we were dreaming of — disguised as tuna and canned vegetables — as we headed to the northern most point on the south island.  We were checking off: The southern most point on the northern island, the northern most point on the southern island, and New Zealand’s geographical center.

We were on track to finish all our food stuffs!!  No one left behind. All the cans are currently gone.

A morning highlight?  A new level of closeness was reached: We pooped at the exact same time. Outdoors. In a field. Within visibility of each other.

Cape farewell.   How fitting.


Seals, looking like dots on the rock.


Robotic voice. Slight right. Slight right. Slight right.   Carla (and Carla’s slow cousin). Another roundabout.  Heading towards the tame eels cause “I only want tame things right now.”




We washed our hands both before and after feeding this thing.


We fed them salmon, even though they lived in a salmon pond.  And caught our own fish lunch.  1.94 kilos!!!! (4.27 lbs).  It took us 45 minutes, and we had an excellent strategy.



Rachel is not bad luck.



Please, be a tidy kiwi.


We ate as much smoked and raw fish as we could, and left feeling immensely better.  We chose to skip the Tasman hike, skip a different cave, said goodbye to Scott at a dairy, and saw two congruent movies at the same time (Bombshell and 1917).

At the campground, we got stuck in the sand but fellow kiwi campers helped us within minutes because KIWIS ARE SO NICE.



Resting bach face.


January 18th

3rd and final shower in NZ. (21 day span) 

“Still wouldn’t change a thing” – Rae   

The craft market in Nelson for free samples, Alex Cameron, Far From Born Again, our final hike of New Zealand, the geographical center of this country, merge like a zip, 



Pics peanut butter, made with Australian peanuts.


The kite flying festival we HAD TO STOP AT on the way out of town.




BYOK: I bought one we named Shelia.  She brought me SO much joy.
Are you ready for the jelly??



We left the sandflies.  Saw fur seal pups on the drive to Christchurch, finished The One and Only Ivan (book), 3 weeks and the two of us didn’t wash our dishes with soap once, traveled many kiwilometres, and counted wake ups instead of sheep


On the final night in the imposter bach: We never loved you. 



Sleeping next to a field.


January 19th

We ate double coated Tim Tams – which are never disappointing — and a lack-luster sushi train — which was, our last van lyfe hang, how nice is it to not have piddle in our panties? Airport sleep, and one final shock when it came to our (lack of) Australian visa.

In fresh kiwis we trust,



“‘That’s SO pretty!’ – How many times do you think we say that a day here?  20?” – Rae


4. New Zealand, tight friendship

16 Jan

Post 1
Post 2
Post 3

The mossomeness continues….

January 13th

Glacier Country Helicopter Flights!!!

How incredible to still be topping that list! And knowing straight away.” – Bel

It was THE most perfect day.  And we were heading to see the Franz Josef receding glacier.


Same page rebels.




Our ride.






Pure pleasure.


We noticed the toll that the bush fires in Australia had taken on the snow (made it dirty, even all the way out here in New Zealand). And debriefed about our trip / let the helicopter ride settle in during a YUMMY chai tea indulgence.   And then applauded when the Department of Conservation pulled up, ’cause we fan girls.

A disappointing color at Hokitika Gorge.  Headlamps purchased. Much needed eggs Benedict. Real fruit ice cream.  A phone chat with the love of my life.  Always different weather in Arthur’s Pass (this time rain). Back for Devils Punch Bowl waterfall. Or should I call it ‘jaded falls’.  Filled up our water at the river spot. Wrong side of the road.  About an accident: Well, we know they wrapped police tape around the car and just left it there.  Klondyke Corner to sleep. Cloudy night sky.  Started, finished, and loved the Netflix show Unbelievable.  


January 14th

Bealy Spur track. Finally, we were tackling this hike. And would you believe we nailed it with the weather?  It was a GORGEOUS day.  

Does it make you a tramp if you’re tramping on a hike in New Zealand?  

And then…





It was fun to feel slight fear, hiking down to this cave. 



That water was so COLD it took my breath away.


We were prepared.  Headlamps on.  Higher water then we thought. Freezing cold water. Up to our chests. Turn around. Back to the entrance. Try again. Same result. Heads hung low. Back to the car? A little bit of heart break.  That feeling of disappointment. Wanna eat?

In the evening, we left Arthurs Pass, never to return again.  Barefoot in the grocery store. Picking up some pull tab Watties. And heading to the movies.  Peanut Butter Falcon, WHICH WE LOVED!! 


Finished before the movie even started: Popcorn & a Unicorn Rainbow Cornetto



January 15th

Low tide. Nailed it! 

A Motukiekie beach walk (means bush island in the Maori language).






Looks like the west coast of Seattle 🙂


On this walk we were the closest to seeing Scott that we’ve ever been.

Waited for high tide at the blow holes.  Talked to Travis   Re-evaluated our Australia trip.  



“Did I tell you I have a library in my van?! It’s next to the kitchen.”




Pancake rocks; we were destined to be unimpressed.


New world refuel.  Changed our Australia trip, lost money, ate our feelings. The doc lady came around and startled us.   Of course we were always going to pay $16 for the night.  Grateful to the imposter Bach for keeping away the sandflies 



January 16th

Rae used a can opener in a non traditional way but for a traditional purpose.  I talked to Helen about my impending visit (!) and our deleting pictures obsession — 12 wakeups!!

Mt Robert loop, 2.5 hours.


We beat Scott’s time by 30 minutes. A goal I didn’t even know I had.



On the road, again.


30 kilometers of winding gravel prettiness.



Paturau beach, we Deeted UP.  Wine and a beach walk “with big brains, not just any brains, smart ones who bought Scott’s book”.



Attacked by Oyster Catcher Birds. 



Searching for adventure…


A swamp person named Gram.  Quads. Leaning to the left.  Beers.  Carbonation.   A river crossing.  Gravel road.  Everyone’s okay.  Rachel always had my back.  “Get on the quad again”. Honking from behind.  We thought this van was a POS but THAT van 🤢  

Well, we had picked out a spot where we were going to sleep but it turns out? Parking the car anywhere was fine. Stars; that big night sky we wanted.  Actually, we got a lot of what we wanted tonight.  Too much. We need to run from this place. No feeling sorry for ourselves, said Rachel, We’re not the first girls and we won’t be the last.

Road dogs FOR LIFE, and in Rachel we trust,

3. Heading North (but still, south NZ)

12 Jan

If you’ve missed the first installment, here it is
A link to the second.
And I’m just going to jump right in:

January 11th


Kathleen, the kiwi hitchhiker in front of a “famous” scene.


Followed (quickly) by Benedict, the french hitchhiker, who was boring.
And a Shot Over River jet boat, which was anticlimactic. Modern day gold miners, who we appreciated.  And Bungee jumpers, who were mesmorizing.  No ghost town for us, we needed a 4 wheel drive to get there.

And then, THE LAVENDER FARM.  Does this stop deserve it’s own post? Yes.  Will it get one? Nope. Resolutions, remember?  Here are some photos.



Not pictured: Lavender ice cream!



Knocking on heaven’s door.



The best my feet smelled all month.




I must pet you.



I was absolutely taken with this farm; it was the most beautiful one I’ve ever been on (that’s a note for myself, for the superlative blog).  There were farm animals, an al-blacka, bees to make honey, bees to accidentally step on, a shop with good smells, and a gorgeous lavender tractor. 



This farm was the GOAT.



After that, we headed to…




Cinema Paradiso, which was sold out.  Thus, we went…


camping nearby.


January 12th



Pesky duck, but I do need friends.


Puzzle world, bringing us optical illusions, a maze, and this AWESOME challenge:  


Psychics — We challenge you to find two halves of a promissory note hidden within 100 meters of this point.  Follow the rules, find the two halves, and the $100,000 is yours! Since 1994 seven challengers (5 psychics, 1 Diviner, and 1 devout Christian) have tried and failed.




The Great Maze: It took us 44 minutes to complete, including, a period of frustration by the green tower.


Followed by this long, GORGEOUS drive.  Ever seen a beach with no penguins on it?  So have we. 



Not all lunch spots are created equal.


The hike to Fox Glacier got canceled, due to global warming. And our long hike tomorrow?  Because of that? It was also canceled.  (At this point, we weren’t bummed to miss a long hike, eh Rae?).



Our chef cooks dinner with each of our favorite tuna cans. Mine: Thai spicy chili, with an actual chill to toss.


Yes, we did have a “chilly” bin, but it was weather dependent.  For dessert, I had 2 bags of seaweed and dry oats, which wasn’t the weirdest combination of the night, that award went to spoonfuls of peanut butter followed by seaweed 🙂   It was a nice campsite.  There was an option to shower that we didn’t use.  At night, I counted the wakes until I saw Collin (20).

In sheep we trust,




2. Farther South, New Zealand

10 Jan

January 6th

We didn’t see the sea lions.
Screech, say the windshield wipers.
No albatross, no yellow eyed penguins, no blue penguins: We’re done with bird watching; no success.



The windiest spot




It was so windy that things/hikes were actually closed. But the “steepest street” was open.



Disgruntled at home.


“It will be warm tomorrow…. YEAH RIGHT.” – Tui


January 7th

2 words, fresh undies.



Thinking: If we can’t be up above ground maybe we want to be below ground…in a cave.
Flash-flooding: Never-mind!

“You’re going to get to a roundabout…and then go straight.” – The directions.


Invercargill, ALL the way south.



Southern most tip.


Little Women.  Loved it. Seafood dinner, large portions and, a thrift store to buy warmer clothes. Brrrr.


January 8th

Yet another cloudy day.


An infamous wire walk.



Pure Kiwi Kiwiness.


Roast chicken and rocket for dinner; did the dishes with a paper towel #always #nevergotsick


January 9th

Same pants new day. Reminisced about the north. Milford sound.  Waited (at ‘home’) for the weather to turn better AND IT DID!


The drive.



The sounds.



The sights.



Kiwi’s daytime-cousin?!



We went on multiple hikes.  



Thank you, Scott. 



Our favorite, in case you go, was the Key Summit hike.


Fiordland National Park.



Spectacular cubed.



Whucking amazing.



It had been 9 days since my last shower. 



Got dressed up for nachos and jam session Thursday’s.


TBH, they were the best nachos I’ve ever had in my life. 


January 10th

Laundry day.  Also, driving day.  The sound of olives sliding. The Peugeot speeding by. More sheep.


NZ fact: a Trig is at the top of a mountain peak.



Tuna and chickpeas.



Queenstown.  Our first (but not last) time shopping at Pak ‘n Save.



Ferg bakery, meat pies.



“Cookie Time”, the worst, best decision we’ve made all trip.


Acrobats in the park. “Come to fly!”


Glenorchy drive. 


Lake Wakatipu. Kinloch camping.


Photo: Reading outside – for less than 5 minuets – before being attacked by sandflies.


In poster bach we reside,

1. (South) New Zealand

5 Jan


In keeping with my resolution, my blog posts about the south island of New Zealand are going to be shorter, more for me. And Rachel. You’re welcome to enjoy them, too, of course. But the stories won’t be explained. I’m going to start. And stop. Whenever and wherever I want. These are our memories.

Including Spa day: aka a cold bathing suit shower.

January 2nd. Christchurch.
Thanks to Lucky’s, Rachel and I became key carrying members of van life.  Well, one key that worked and one key that didn’t.  And no bed sheets, please (which we did come to regret. “We were already gross but this makes us nasty.”).   At the rental company I got to mark up the paper myself (I love it when they let me do that).


Introducing: The Imposter Bach



We did a number on her.


At night, in Arthur’s Pass, we felt our first sandfly bite, finished Step Brothers, and felt cold.  Tomorrow, when we wake up, we’re going to eat our coleslaw.



January 3rd


Gezpacho! Instant, cold coffee that is better than Jedd’s.


A 6.5 (7) hour hike – where we counted poles – you had me at “the Tongariro of the south”; Avalanche Pass. Where afterwords, we skipped Devils Punchbowl because “that downhill broke my spirit.” – me



Not pictured: The wind.



Kea, a mountain parrot.




Glacier water




Before our container started to leak.



January 4th
Sore. 3 cords in the car of different colors and different purposes. ABC. Deleting picture feng shui. A river walk. And New Zealand ice cream (our first, this trip).


January 5th
Big, full day. Went to bed satisfied.

“Is it a day or has it been three?” – Rae



We officially became dirt bags when I had actual dirt in my teeth.


Wind beneath her wings.


Lake Tekapo:
Better that the observatory was closed.




Eye candy


And outside of it:



Loopy for lupin


Eliminated the Hooker Valley track (for the second time). And saw upwards of 100 bunnies while playing bunny frogger and not seeing any blue penguins. 


Things that stayed the same:
Left side
Nice people

In New Zealand we trust,

New Year, Old Zealand (lots of pictures)

1 Jan

Timeline: Very end of December

After a layover in China gone awry (due to the budget flight and midnight being a difficult time of day to figure out), I felt like I’d experienced China. And while I didn’t leave the airport – I feel as though this trip gets an honorable mention.

December 30th:
Once again, Rachel and I landed in New Zealand. Where we, once again rented a car from Scotty’s.

In the morning, when we were still being healthy, we used booty bands and then criss crossed all across the northern island in our Tilda (that’s a car brand) when, exactly when we wanted to, on December 31st, we ended up in Gisborne, at the Rhythm and Vines festival.


New phone camera making all the difference.


After a memorable walk from our campground to the EDM event, we couldn’t help but notice…Christian rock on the main stage. 



She’s not born again.



Here for it.



Rockin’ out.


All too soon the sun starting going down and during our final sunset of 2019 celebrations, we met Carla and her husband.


My last sunset of the decade.



Girls will be girls


…and eventually found the wellness tent. Which was my favorite thing because, duh, I like wellness.

They had a life sized chess board inside!


Meet Nico, a formidable opponent.

Nico is from Chile and goes heavy on the playful, challenging banter with gems such as “I’ll burn you with my coolness.”  
We played for a joyful hour. It was my favorite thing we did all night; a great match but in the end, I did get burned with his coolness; I lost.  The 2019 chess champ was Nico. There, I said it in writing.



The countdown (twice).



Last photo of 2019

1am was bed time. It was home sweet bach for me and Rae ❤️


January 1st, 5am: The alarm went off and Rachel and I headed to the beach to see the absolute first sunrise of this decade. It was breath taking:









Is that 20/20 vision, 4 eyes?



30 Dec

Friends. Family. Strangers. It’s that time again… a new year.  Not just a new year, a new decade



2 out of the 3 Travi



a dream in the dreamflat

I spent the first 8 months of 2019
 soaking up joy with my best friends (before spending the rest of the year working non-stop).



Colling in love


I maintained my resolution to travel less, visiting 12 united states:


  1. Pennsylvania (shout out to The National Dog Show)
  2. Wisconsin (twice because COLLEEN HAD BEA)
  3. Washington — Hi Patrick
  4. Oregon
  5. California
  6. New York
  7. Massachuestts (twice)
  8. Kentucky
  9. Minnesota
  10. Nevada (I’m talkin’ Vegas for a movie premier
  11. Ohio

   12.  Nashville, Tennessee


And (only) 6 countries:

  1. United States
  2. The north island of New Zealand (with a dozen blog posts)
  3. Guatemala…more like Guatabena
  4. Ethiopia  — a dream-thiopia
  5. Djibuti — bonus country


    6.  Togo — solo 


If you’re curious, here’s the link to a compiled list of (almost) all of the countries I’ve ever been to:


Other notable 2019 moments:
Or, two-thousand-note-teen moments:

  • When the whole gang got together — all of my besties in one place — EVEN KATIE BARBARO who surprised me by coming back from her world tour — to go to the Furries where “It’s lit! What do you want me to do? It’s lit!”, I was gifted a full fursuit and, for the first time ever, I walked in the parade 😻
  • 32, celebrating with best friends I adore
  • Harder months like August and September when the people closest to me moved, forever changing my experience in Pittsburgh. 
  • And a magical Christmas where I celebrated the holiday (for what felt like the first time) as an adult.


Now? Onto 2020. I’ll be ringing in the new year in New Zealand. Rachel and I will watch the first sunrise of the upcoming decade over the ocean — from our home sweet bach.




Raising a cup of hot miso soup to another year.

AdventureSam is currently in Shanghai, China on a layover, so if you’re reading this in North America, she’s basically writing this from the future.


Taking off,



Final photos of 2019

27 Dec

This blog is captured entirely by pictures.  Enjoy!


A night out on the town 🙂


These two besties randomly running into each other in New York City.



Homemade, vegan, and even better than they look.



An all day stay in with THE Emily. PLUS, an all day fire. Featuring, wine, frozen corn and the great broiler broccoli incident of 2019.


Let it be known, on that day, WE WON PANDEMIC!
I can’t wait until can hang like that again 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂



More hangs and more hugs with my bestie ❤



Mexican lunch with this angel right after purchasing a NEW PHONE!!  Expect my pictures from here on out to be enviable.









My favorite chair with my favorite boyfriend in a photo taken by my favorite best friend.



A stay at home date.



Where “we” made latkes



Happy Hanukkah dinner!



Minor mishap, quickly remedied by the men in my life.


Not pictured: a phone call with Patrick that lasted for hours 🙂

I’m going to end with a montage of me and Bella ❤  We took 3 photos in a row.  Same faces, same smiles, same hearts.








Shel Chanukah,