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If I told you it’s September — would you believe me?

9 Sep

Good evening everyone that I love and adore!

I recently decided that my all time favorite day is The Day After Laundry Day.
Similar to The Day After Tomorrow (as in “I’ll do the laundry…tomorrow”)
It’s not that Tomorrow Never Comes. Oh, it comes. And with consistently. I mean, we’re all agreed that something happening once every three months is consistent.

The Day After Laundry Day I find myself walking around the house commenting on how clean everything is — my long list of things to-do seems manageable and I feel accomplished.

I read in Vogue that clean sheets are the new diamond ring.
Someone should tell the Kardashians

Blue Moon

Monday past saw the opening of our *new* basic school (!!!!!)
Surprisingly, this first week has been unchaotic (apparently, not a word) – yet undeniably exhausting. From what I have gleaned the official start-of-school-method is hands off; let the children play and get acquainted while the teachers (and myself) tend to whichever child is crying at the time. Three full days of this technique have me convinced of its practicality; actual teaching is beyond the scope of my imagination. I am worn out.

I am going to have a quiet, relaxing night in.
It looks like rain 🙂
I love the rain.

This post is short and I will be writing more soon!
In the mean time…
If you’re a student, be nice to your teachers; It can really be rough.
If you’re not a student then you are probably a grown-up.
And being grown-up is awesome!

With conviction,