A Little High on STOKED

20 Dec

In October, I visited my bestie, Patrick, in Colorodo.  We camped in Crested Butte(iful) during a film festival and hung-out with incredible people.  The first day it rained; we watched a movie about Katie Lee, ate momos, laughed until we cried, and considered buying property.  The next morning I awoke to the sound of every different kind of zipper unzip, zip, zipping; sleeping bags yawned, jackets came off, backpacks got resituated, and tents were ventilated.  I took a deep breath of fresh, mountain air — the weather was idyllic.


I was left with no words but all the feelings.  Patrick brought everything we needed. ❤


Alex introduced me to the fashion term “power clash”.


Fly fishing, trout for dinner.


“Helping” Abe cook.


Catnip for humans.


“You’re not Patrick” — Nate, to me, proving that he is good at compliments.


The colours of the wind.


Those yellow butte(ies) are Aspens, connected underground, making them the largest organism in the world.

We ate a smorgasbord of s’mores, went for a hike, chatted about cowboys, warmed ourselves by the fire, ate fresh fish, and learned astronomy.  It was an amazing trip and I absolutely can not wait to go back.


From Colorodo, I visited the “Bay Area” where I saw the hilarious Ben Mayer and Tracey Morgan.


We drove a scooter across the Golden Gate bridge!


“Find a protest, join a protest, start a protest.”

I walked around UC Berkley campus, tried to pet squirrels, went on a scavenger hunt, and saw the movie “Seven”.  It was perfect.


Then! It was straight to Vegas for Brittny and Ricky’s wedding:


Epic location with epic people.


Beauty incarnate.


We saw Cirque de Sole on The Strip and I was elated to meet Scott, Michelle, Kelly, Doverspike, Jamie, Cassandra, Brandon, Natalie, Cheese Curl, moms, dads, and the rest of their crew. ❤


Scott: “Laughing so hard you cry while reading a menu?! Now there’s a happy girl.” ❤

To be fair, I’d never seen “pasta with fruit” listed as cuisine.


A few days later, I landed in LA LA land with my forever friend Molly and her boyfriend Brett.


All you can eat sushi.



My sojourn to the western US of A was busy, rich, and joyful!  I relished every second and wanted to extend it ALL.  I’m grateful to Ricky and Brit whose love was the inspiration and to all of my good friends for making me feel so welcomed!  I met wonderful, hilarious folks — an extension of Patrick, Brittny, and Ricky.  I hope that this post will enhance my memories and not overwrite them.  Next time, I think we should take more pictures. 🙂

Missing the Wild West,



2 Responses to “A Little High on STOKED”

  1. deekerson December 21, 2016 at 12:44 am #

    I can totally relate!

  2. Britt December 21, 2016 at 5:52 am #

    I love you! What a great trip full of variety!

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