(Pittsburgh) Photo Blog

26 Dec

These vibrant pictures are replete with reminders, and as I look at each one I think, ‘Yup, I remember exactly what was so special about that moment.’


Straight from Croatia to be with Katie and Dan Diamond for their exquisite wedding at PNC Park. ❤


“You’re a good driver,” said my dad.  Is there a better compliment?!


6am at Brittny and Rickys reception — I was in heaven.


Ecstatic girls, full of cake.


My hilarious best friend on team Level Up!


The famous Gab Bonesso!


Aunt Joan and Aunt Betsy in the fall. ❤


The fairy cottage. ❤


Cousins. ❤


Louis C.K. ❤


Proud to call Kendra and Eli my friends!  They’ve taught me so much about love. ❤


“Realizing it’s the good ol’ days while it’s the good ol’ days.” ❤


Jake and Colleen. ❤  We learned bar rules that night in Ithaca. And poor Hen was the sickest she had ever been.


Enzo snuggles after a night out with Rachel.


Deal me in!


Brian and Andrew, my wonderful friends, on their wedding night. ❤


“There’s joy inside of us.”


On a break from my office job volunteering for downtown Pittsburgh!


My role model, Vanja.


Empire’s first Christmas.


“Live a little!”  “I’m living a lot.” “Yeah, I’m trying to subdue you.” –  Hen




Happy Hanukkah!

An esoteric paragraph, because I don’t want to forget:
When Hailey and I played laser tag, Lou’s Little Corner Bar, framing Myanmar art with Emmy, Falling Water, Adam Day!, “Raping them over coals” — Colleen misspeaking to my parents re: pickle ball, Yom Kippork chops, Friendsgiving, Ben’s birthday, a cat-lady-bug on Halloween: a compound word for a girl, Election Night tacos and a sparkler for Virginia, capital laughter, when Helen ate a rose, Max and Art, Improv 102 with Chris, Kevin, Lori, Walter, Courtney, Ramsey, Joey, Nia, and Ben Mayer.



My 2016 travel summary:

6 weeks in Portugal — Telmo, Paula, and Iryna.
2 weeks in Spain — with my darling Colleen.
1 month in Morocco — and my first time in the desert.
8 days in Nicaragua — that will stay with Hen and me forever.
1 weekend in Mexico City.
6 weeks in the Balkans — year 4 with Katie Kuhn.
1 week out west; Colorodo, Vegas, and California.
And on December 25th, I leave for Vietnam.


I am ultra blessed to have a flexible job, and once again I’m ready to uproot myself; this time I’m heading to Asia.  I am taking a short break from Pittsburgh in order to rearrange my mental furniture, broaden my perspectives, and remind myself how little I actually need.


For the first time ever, I’m legally AdventureSam.



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  1. Paul January 8, 2017 at 10:46 pm #

    Have a Great New Year around the World!

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