An email to Scott, NZ Frenzy

19 Jan

As loyal New Zealand blog readers of AdventureSam, you will know, Scott Cook, author of the incredible guidebook series called New Zealand frenzy, is someone that Rachel and I adore.  Sure, we’e never met him.  But, for two months we carried him by our side, referencing his knowledge, laughing at his humor, and strictly following his advice.  At the end of our trip, we decided to write him an email.

Here is that exchange:





Scott! Hello! 🙂 🙂

You don’t know us but we feel like we know you. Attached are some photos, I’ll explain. I’m gunna start with, what you might think, is the best one, that’s Rachel and I kissing. 🙂



In February 2019, we had NZ frenzy as a companion for one VERY FULL/EXCITING/BEAUTIFUL SQUARED month. Which was spent entirely on the northern island.

Fast forward to this year: January 2020. The South Island! — where we also had NZ frenzy for our EPIC one month stay in the southern part of STUNNING NZ. You have made such a positive impact on both of our trips.






So, back to the kissing picture. This pic was the first waterfall we went to on your recommendation. Piroa falls.  We couldn’t go into the pool because, well, see the sign. But we followed your instructions as best as we were could…

…Including heading to Tui Brewry after Tongariro crossing — where we drank and took a different photo.

Because you know what? We looked for you everywhere. Those times you said “see ya there!” At the end of your posts… we really did try to see you there.  “Are you Scott?” Was an anthem for our trip. “What would Scott do?” Was a question that came up often.






We boiled eggs in hot springs (and then brought those delicious eggs on our hikes), explored New Zealand’s cracks and crevices, and tramped our little American hearts out.






Rachel and I referenced you. Talked about you. And recommended you. We passed your books on to locals who assured us they would follow your advice with them same zeal and vigor as we had.






Thank you for all of the work you put into your books. For the GPS coordinates, the special details such as bringing magnets to the black sand beach, and for all the places you suggested we should have a drink. I promise you, we did.




Rachel and I feel proud to be part of the NZ frenzy gang and even prouder to call you our friend.

Lots of love, endless gratitude, and all sorts of adventures,

Sammi and Rachel








And then, 4 days later….WE GOT A REPLY!!!!!!


Yo Frenzied ladies… whoop whoop from Timaru!!

Such a fun email!! Where’s Cookie??
I love all the pix… but Tui and Dirty blond sure made me laugh extra… and the egg bag off that hot bridge( I did the same my last visit!)
Yay naked Shine… way to carpe the crap outta that diem!!
Sooooo…. I’m working on the follow-ups to the Frenzies. Everywhere far more obscure and away from the ever-maddening Insta hordes.
“Newd Zealand, the skinny-dippers guide to the world’s most beautiful county”
Yup. All nakey guide to hidden wonder spots. I’m sick of trying to sell “normal” guidebooks to lame people.  I’ve got a partner, @Naked_Kate, who I met in Abbey Cave two summers ago. She and her gals were on your same trip, but they did find scott cook underground in a cave! Now she’s my partner. Check her on Instagram!!!
Got any pix of you two for our book?? They’ll be minor overlap at obscure spots of swimmitude, but not too much. All these years later Nz wows me more than ever before! The hidden spots I’ve uncovered the past two summers are off the hook!!!!!
Here’s a spot a few kms before Milford Sound… then we found one that was even better!! Whaddayas think??
Cheers Scott
And that, my darling readers, is our New Zealand trip wrapped up with, what I think, is a nice, neat bow.
In Scott we trust,

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