5. The New ZealEND

18 Jan

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January 17th



Driving the getaway car.


“I wouldn’t change a thing” – Rachel.  “It was a
 flipping good time”.

For whatever reason, the gravel road out felt shorter than on the way in.  And, we noticed, all the animas got out of their pens last night.  “Is the heat on? Is the heat working? What’s going on with the heat?”

We ate the Eggs Benedict we were dreaming of — disguised as tuna and canned vegetables — as we headed to the northern most point on the south island.  We were checking off: The southern most point on the northern island, the northern most point on the southern island, and New Zealand’s geographical center.

We were on track to finish all our food stuffs!!  No one left behind. All the cans are currently gone.

A morning highlight?  A new level of closeness was reached: We pooped at the exact same time. Outdoors. In a field. Within visibility of each other.

Cape farewell.   How fitting.


Seals, looking like dots on the rock.


Robotic voice. Slight right. Slight right. Slight right.   Carla (and Carla’s slow cousin). Another roundabout.  Heading towards the tame eels cause “I only want tame things right now.”




We washed our hands both before and after feeding this thing.


We fed them salmon, even though they lived in a salmon pond.  And caught our own fish lunch.  1.94 kilos!!!! (4.27 lbs).  It took us 45 minutes, and we had an excellent strategy.



Rachel is not bad luck.



Please, be a tidy kiwi.


We ate as much smoked and raw fish as we could, and left feeling immensely better.  We chose to skip the Tasman hike, skip a different cave, said goodbye to Scott at a dairy, and saw two congruent movies at the same time (Bombshell and 1917).

At the campground, we got stuck in the sand but fellow kiwi campers helped us within minutes because KIWIS ARE SO NICE.



Resting bach face.


January 18th

3rd and final shower in NZ. (21 day span) 

“Still wouldn’t change a thing” – Rae   

The craft market in Nelson for free samples, Alex Cameron, Far From Born Again, our final hike of New Zealand, the geographical center of this country, merge like a zip, 



Pics peanut butter, made with Australian peanuts.


The kite flying festival we HAD TO STOP AT on the way out of town.




BYOK: I bought one we named Shelia.  She brought me SO much joy.
Are you ready for the jelly??



We left the sandflies.  Saw fur seal pups on the drive to Christchurch, finished The One and Only Ivan (book), 3 weeks and the two of us didn’t wash our dishes with soap once, traveled many kiwilometres, and counted wake ups instead of sheep


On the final night in the imposter bach: We never loved you. 



Sleeping next to a field.


January 19th

We ate double coated Tim Tams – which are never disappointing — and a lack-luster sushi train — which was, our last van lyfe hang, how nice is it to not have piddle in our panties? Airport sleep, and one final shock when it came to our (lack of) Australian visa.

In fresh kiwis we trust,



“‘That’s SO pretty!’ – How many times do you think we say that a day here?  20?” – Rae


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